10 Things You Must Do In New Jersey

10 Things You Must Do In New Jersey

New Jersey is the most heavily populated state in the United States in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions. Aside from being so densely packed, New Jersey also holds a distinction as one of the country’s most urban territories, where 90% of its residents live in urban areas. However, it also has various natural areas worth exploring, and below, we rattle off ten things everyone going to Jersey should see.

Marvel the Grounds for Sculpture

Located in Hamilton, on the site of the former Trenton Speedway, the Grounds for Sculpture is a museum and park in one, spreading across forty-two acres of land. It was founded by John Seward Johnson II in 1992 as a place where people could show an appreciation for contemporary sculpture and as a venue that could host educational and charitable events. In mid-2000, the Grounds for Sculpture became open to the public, as it morphed into a nonprofit, and its exhibits feature works from renowned masters like Magdalena Abakanowicz, Boaz Vaadia, George Segal, Clement Meadmore, Anthony Caro, and Kiki Smith.

Take a Trip Back in Time in Cape May

Cape May can be found on the Cape May Peninsula, on its southern tip. It is a seaside resort famous for its boardwalks and beaches, offering various points of interest, historical sites, and surfing. It also has multiple notable sculptures and is home to the famed Rat’s restaurant, boasting a Claude Monet-styled atmosphere.

Walk the Atlantic City Boardwalk

The first boardwalk in Atlantic City opened along the New Jersey beach in June 1870. Over the years, it expanded in width and length and underwent several modifications. Toward the end of the 19th century, Atlantic City grew sizably in popularity, and massive hotels started to spring up over the town. Plus, near the boardwalk. Once New Jersey gaming laws turned laxer in the 1970s, luxurious resorts began dominating this area, and it is now a state landmark and a must-visit spot for all who come to Jersey.

Explore Thomas Edison’s Mansion

Known as the Glenmont Estate, this property is the historical home of one of the most vital American inventors and businessmen, Thomas Alva Edison, residing in the beautiful Llewellyn Park. Over six thousand photos are available in the house’s gallery, and it can be toured by reserving tickets in advance. It has twenty-three rooms and has hosted guests like US presidents Hoover and Wilson.

Hike the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Administered by the National Park Service, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a section of northeast Pennsylvania and northwest New Jersey, centered around the Delaware River, a forty-mile stretch historically called Minisink. Annually, more than four million people visit this dramatic mountain pass that cuts through the Kittatinny and Blue Mountains. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, hiking, camping, and many other outdoor activities.

Stroll the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail extends almost two thousand two hundred miles between Mount Katahdin and Springer Mountain. It goes through fourteen states and was completed in 1937, initially proposed in 1921. According to most who have walked it, it supplies a transformative experience that changes peoples’ mindsets, helping them be more open to embracing challenges and living a simplified life. Personal growth aside, it features breathtaking nature beauties that will stun anyone who sees it.

Experience Jersey’s Art Scene

Art is one of many things that come to mind when someone thinks of New Jersey. Its sibling, New York, has a far better reputation as a premium art hub. Yet, the Garden State can still hold its own in this department, having an established art-based identity. It has many artistic communities, collaborative spaces, and lively studios. The annual Jersey City Art & Studio Tour is a massive event that draws thousands of people. The same can be said for the Newark Arts Festival. These are just the tip of the New Jersey iceberg, which is too vast to be covered in one paragraph.

Shop at the American Dream Mall

In 2024, the American Dream Meadowlands, in East Rutherford, off NJ Route 120, ranks as the second-largest shopping mall in America. It houses more than four hundred and fifty stores. On top of this, the complex also boasts multiple indoor theme and water parks, concert venues, over a hundred eateries, and dozens of other types of contests that can keep patrons busy and entertained.

Tour Princeton

Anyone from the US probably knows that Princeton University is at the top of the Ivy League educational hill. It officially got labeled as a university in 1896, and today, it has eight thousand and five hundred enrolled students and a staff of seven thousand. The Princeton campus is a small city sprawling six hundred acres, and it has so much history, culture, and art that it can create multiple memories worth cherishing with only one visit.

Ride the Six Flags’ Roller Coasters

Located 20 miles southeast of Trenton, Six Flags Great Adventure is a renowned amusement park on a one-hundred-and-sixty-acre property. Opened in 1974, almost three million people have entered its doors, many of whom rise its fourteen operating roller coasters. Fan favorites are the El Toro, the Green Lantern, and the Jersey Devil Coaster, all ranked as extreme.