5 Common Home Cleaning Myths: Debunked

5 Common Home Cleaning Myths: Debunked

Does it feel like you’re always scrubbing, mopping, dusting, and your home still doesn’t feel as clean as it should be? Well, you’re not alone. Many struggle with this frustration, but we’re here to tell you the problem may not be your effort, but your methods.

Unfortunately, with so many cleaning myths going around, it’s easy for a misconception to become widespread and even offered as advice. Below, trusted Maids and Moore experts, talk about some of those myths that may be sabotaging your home maintenance routine. We’re here to debunk them so you can finally clean smarter, not harder.

1. More is always better

It’s a common belief that using cleaning products in larger amounts, or even mixing them together will make your tasks easier and the results better. In reality, this is a recipe for disaster. This myth is not just untrue, it can also be dangerous.

Overusing or mixing cleaning products can leave behind sticky residues that attract more dirt, create harmful fumes, damage surfaces, and even pose health risks. Instead, stick to using small amounts of one product at a time, and always follow the instructions on the label for safe and effective cleaning.

2. Cleaning less saves time

It’s tempting to believe that cleaning less often saves you time, especially if you have to juggle home maintenance with an otherwise hectic schedule. But this approach can have hidden costs. First of all, your home simply won’t look its best between the cleaning sessions if they’re too far apart.

Second, when dirt and grime accumulate, they become much harder to remove and demand more elbow grease and harsher chemicals. What could have been a quick daily wipe-down becomes an all-day affair. In the end, you’ll likely spend more time and effort cleaning up a neglected mess than you would have with regular maintenance.

3. Harsh products are the best

Another common myth is that harsh cleaning products are superior and more effective by default. But while they can be a lifesaver for particularly tough stains or particularly dirty areas, using them for everyday cleaning may come with a hefty price.

These products can damage surfaces in your home, leave residue, and harm the environment. And that’s not even all. They can also irritate your skin or eyes and trigger allergies or respiratory problems. It’s always best to use gentle products whenever you can, and leave those harsher ones for when you really need them.

4. Tools just clean themselves

It’s easy to assume that cleaning tools are self-cleaning – after all, they’re constantly exposed to cleaning products, right? But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You absolutely need to clean your tools too and replace them as soon as they wear out.

Use your dishwasher, microwave, or disinfecting solutions to spruce up your tools. But even if you regularly sanitize your entire arsenal, never use any tools you’ve previously used in kitchens or bathrooms anywhere else.

5. Cleaning eradicates germs

While all of them do address germs to some extent, cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing are not the same in this context. For example, cleaning alone usually just aims to remove visible or otherwise noticeable dirt and dust.

Of course, the process will remove some amount of germs along with said grime, but completely germ-free surfaces are simply not its goal. Sanitizing and disinfecting, however, do aim to remove a majority or all germs. They may not be necessary daily, but it’s a good idea to use them for high-touch surfaces or during flu season.

To wrap it up

These common cleaning myths can lead anyone down a path of wasted time, unnecessary expenses, and sometimes even harm. Now that you know the truth, you can easily transform your home maintenance routine into a much more effective and efficient process!

And if you’d like to take the hassle out of home maintenance altogether, professional cleaning services can help you achieve the spotless home you deserve. Let’s embrace better and healthier habits today!