5 Reasons Why Netflix’s Castlevania is the Best Video Game Adaptation Ever

Ever seen a show based on a game first and then developed an interest in the game itself? Netflix’s adaptation of the game, Castlevania, is probably one of those rare few series that reverse the trend and get viewers interested in the game after they’ve watched the show.

Why, you may ask?

Well, hop on down below, and let’s delve into the medieval, blasphemous, and incredibly ravishing world of Wallachia to pick apart all that transpires between the blood, gore, and snide remarks.

No Backstory Knowledge Required

Oftentimes people shy away from a game-based adaptation because there’s a good load of backstory needed to be covered in order to make sense of what’s going on in the series. Not with Castlevania though! The show builds itself from the ground up and takes its audience on a visually delightful journey through the streets, farms, and ghoul-ridden houses of Wallachia as they meet the main cast comprising of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Dracula’s own son, Alucard.

A Hack and Slash Marathon

Castlevania woos its viewers with a generous selection of fight scenes all of which are intricately woven with the presiding story and its theme. Our infamous heroes, the three mentioned earlier, have unique items and abilities bestowed upon them, which they use to wreak havoc among the ranks of vampires.

Take Trevor for example, who has the Belmont family’s signature “Vampire Killer” which is an elongated whip used to burst bad vamps into flames, Sypha who has a tasteful collection of spells available at her behest and Alucard, who has a pointy sword that can operate by itself and be controlled by the user’s thoughts. Basically, there’s a lot of innards getting spilled all over the place by such gleeful weaponry.

Branching Plotlines

Sure, the overall goal is to go after Dracula and make him see the error of his wrongdoings or slit his throat if he doesn’t comply but there are so many other things to do as well! Like going after Satanist priests who are secretly conspiring against the church or saving teenage girls from the crutches of witches who want to use their blood to stop their own aging. Yes, it’s a weird tangent. But it has been crafted quite well.

To not experience all that Castlevania has to offer in brilliant HD would be something sacrilegious in its own right. With the action, drama, and ambiance set at an unbeatable scale, it would only make sense to have everything punched up to the max before you sit down with some munchies and kick back to absorb the show. Consider checking out AT&T Internet plans that offer a wide variety of deals for those of you who have a knack for binge watching top rated shows. Once your internet is set, it’s only a matter of time before you stream all of Castlevania in one single sitting!

Monster Hunting Mayhem

Fans of the Witcher series will come to appreciate just how much monster hunting is involved in this show. There are swathes of monster battles in here with fiends from all over the universe. Not just vampires, but werewolves, ghouls, demons, and even death incarnate. Every monster has been designed in a way that presents a challenge to our heroes in one way or another. Take note, the term monster shouldn’t make you think that we’re only talking about gnarly beasts who live in dens deep in the forest.

Many of these monsters are cloaked as city-living simpletons or members of societies or even double agents. To unearth their true motives is where things get really spicy and our heroes must become detectives to track down, unveil, and eventually neutralize these threats.

Bonds of Friendship

Castlevania doesn’t simply put our heroes together and start them off on their merry quest to take down Dracula. For instance, Sypha and Trevor spend a good number of episodes not trusting each other and even ghosting the other to carry out their own selfish motives. The time they eventually spend together through specks of adversity eventually has them understand where the other is coming from.

The same applies to Alucard, whose body is found resting in a coffin deep in the bowels of Dracula’s Castle. Trevor and Sypha are reluctant to trust the son of their enemy and so is Alucard taking everything with a grain of salt until the trio actually get to know each other. Character development has been given a good bit of importance in this show and that’s a big part of why it captivates its viewers so well.


That’s a wrap on all we have for you as far as Castlevania goes. The show is a must-watch and is extremely well done in multiple aspects. Make sure to get comfy and have a chunky number of hours at the ready for binge-watching because this show is nothing short of a marathon of action and suspense.