Who are Aaron Judge’s biological parents? His attitude towards them

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge etched his name onto New York Yankee folklore by equaling Roger Maris’ long-standing record of 61 home runs. Judge’s mom, Patty, and Roger Maris Jr. celebrated as Judge gingerly rounded the bases, soaking in the applause. After the game, Judge handed the record-equalling ball to Patty. He told reporters:

“Having my mom here, it’s important. She’s been with me through it all, that’s for sure. From the Little League days, from getting me ready for school, taking me to my first couple of practices and games, being there my first professional game, being there at my debut and now getting the chance to be here for this, this is something special.”

Aaron Judge said he has no interest in his biological parents

Aaron Judge was born on 26th April 1992 in Sacramento, California, and is biracial. He was adopted by his parents, Patty and Wayne Judge, the following day. “I feel they kind of picked me,” Judge told The New York Post in 2015. “I feel that God was the one that matched us together.”

As a youngster, Judge realized he shared no physical similarities with his white parents. “I was about 10 or 11 and we really didn’t look alike, so I started asking questions, and that was that,” Judge continued. “I was fine with it. It really didn’t bother me because that’s the only parents I’ve known.”

After reaching adulthood, adoptees often seek out their biological parents. Not Aaron, however – he’s shown no interest in reconnecting with his birth parents. He told Newsday:

“I have one set of parents, the ones that raised me. That’s how it is. Some kids grow in their mom’s stomach; I grew in my mom’s heart. She’s always showed me love and compassion ever since I was a little baby. I’ve never needed to think differently or wonder about anything.”

Judge is full of adoration for his adoptive parents

Aaron Judge's parents
Aaron Judge’s parents | Photo by Matthew McDermott/ALL RISE

Wayne’s parents are often in the stands cheering on their record-equalling son. Judge has seven games left in the regular season to usurp Maris and set the record for most home runs in a Yankee season. You will likely see either Patty or Wayne in the remaining games. 

Judge rarely misses an opportunity to praise his uber-supportive parents. He told mlb.com that he wouldn’t be a Yankee without his mother’s input:

‘“I know I wouldn’t be a New York Yankee if it wasn’t for my mom. The guidance she gave me as a kid growing up, knowing the difference from right and wrong, how to treat people and how to go the extra mile and put in extra work, all that kind of stuff. She’s molded me into the person that I am today.”

In July 2022, Judge spoke during the 13th Yankees’ Hope Week initiative, praising his dad for finding the time and energy to bond with Judge after a long and tiring work day. “Those are the things, those are memories I hold on to until this day,” Judge said

“It’s tough to say, you know my dad still stays at the top of that [role model] list. He’s always been my hero. I’m always a guy who looked up to [him].”