What is Adin Ross’ ethnicity? The streamer’s Jewish heritage

Adin Ross

Adin Ross, a controversial streamer permanently banned from Twitch, courted controversy after seemingly saying the N-word on Kick. Ross denied using the racial slur, stating, “I didn’t say it you fucking weirdos. Listen, bro. Have I said it in the past? Yes. Did I say it here? No. I didn’t say it. I would tell you guys if I said it.” Ross encouraged fans to cancel him: “I don’t give a fuck. Put me out of my fucking misery.”

Adin Ross was born to Jewish parents and is white

Adin Ross was born on 11th October 2000, to Jewish parents. Like most Jews in the United States, Adin Ross identifies as white.

Adin Ross' father

Ross said during a late 2022 appearance on the Off the Record podcast that he declined to interview Kanye West due to the rapper’s antisemitism. The streamer said he was thrilled by the prospect of interviewing Ye, but he decided to cancel the one-on-one after a phone call with the rapper. Ross said:

“I can’t have my platform come on and just say a bunch of shit about Jews. He called me up, and he basically just said like, ‘Yo, you know, you Jews aren’t going to tell me what I can and can’t say.’”

During an IShowSpeed stream, Ross asked Speed to accompany him to Israel. Ross said he planned to go to Israel via Birthright, a non-profit organization that sponsors ten-day educational trips to Israel, Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights for young people of Jewish descent.

“Darren, I got you. I’ll make sure that he is not calling you monkey anymore. I love you bro. I don’t care if you are fucking yellow, black, red, purple, [or] white, you are still my brother. BLM fully to the top,” Ross told Speed

Ross rarely discusses ethnicity during his streams. However, he engaged in a bizarre conversation with his girlfriend during a December 2021 Twitch stream. In response to a fan asking whether Ross ‘liked brown people’, the streamer stated that his girlfriend was from Dubai. 

Ross called his girlfriend during the stream to ask about her ethnicity. Following initial confusion over Ross’ query, Ross’ girlfriend said, “My dad is Arab, and my mom is European.” Ross confidently declared, “You’re an Arabic,” stunning viewers and his girlfriend. 

After a brief pause, she explained that she’s not ‘Arabic’, affirming she is part Arab and part European. “Okay, so our kids are going to be Arabian, right?” Ross asked. Fans mocked Ross repeatedly as the bizarre conversation played out.