Netflix’s Against the Ice Parents Guide — Is it appropriate for kids?

Against the Ice

Against the Ice is a thriller – a dramatic take of a true story where the Danish explorers set out to prove the American claim on Northeastern Greenland as false. The movie tracks the expeditions by Mikkelsen and his mechanic Iverson as they brave the harsh Arctic summers and devastating winters.

Against all odds of being deserted, hungry attacking polar bears and desolation in the frozen wild; the two men preserve the proof of their findings.

Parental Rating

The general rating for this movie is TV-MA. This means it is for the audience who are above 17 years of age and are mature enough to handle the graphic and violent scenes in the movie. 

The movie has mild nudity and various scenes including dead bodies, violent animal killings, surviving cannibalism, usage of tobacco and alcohol, amputating body parts and smoldering depression of losing life.

Why is it inappropriate for the younger audience?

This movie is suitable for a mature audience only given the picturization of the story. There are mentioned of mature themes such as prostitution, animal harm and suicidal depression.

Graphic Human Suffering:

The movie begins with a scene showing Jörgensen’s toes being amputated as he gulps down liquor. The concept and the emotional depiction may have a lasting and detrimental impact on younger minds.

Animal Harm:

The idea of the movie is based on a phenomenal bond of friendship and holding onto hope to survive. For a child, who sees their dog as their best friend and Winnie the Pooh as a bear they would love, would find the themes involving animal killing highly disturbing. The general nature of wild animals and survival instinct of humans, is a much bigger concept for the young kids to grasp.

Ideas of depression and violent outbursts of anger:

Given the fact that the movie is based on human survival in harshest of circumstances the evident bouts of depression, hopelessness and outbursts of violent anger are depicted.

Mild Substance & Nudity:

A few scenes show use of alcohol and tobacco. Some conversation lauding to sexula content and nudity.

Phenomenal acting and amazing cinematography make this movie worthy to watch. However, ideally this movie is not suitable for the younger audience. Parents can elaborate the concepts of survival instincts and importance of desperate measures in time to older teens. In households where there are children younger than 17, we would not recommend this movie for a family movie-night. But once the little toes are tucked, this is worth a watch!