Al Wright’s story — His inspiring efforts to advocate for mental health

Al Wright

58-year-old Al Wright is making a name for himself on TikTok as a mental health advocate. His distinctive facial features are a result of a suicide attempt he made a few years ago. Despite the permanent scarring left by the ill-fated event, Wright maintains an easygoing persona with a dry sense of humor.

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Wright is a Canadian and his story has resonated with millions of followers across the globe. He currently lives in Alberta and uses his online platform to spread awareness about undiagnosed mental health issues and advocate against suicide.

Al Wright was in a coma for eight months after his suicide attempt – he lost his nose and a part of his tongue

Al Wright, who hailed from an upper-class household, described himself as the ‘black sheep’ of the family. In an appearance on the What Makes Us Fire podcast, he shared that he became depressed after the passing of his mother. At only eight years old, he was put into therapy.

He eventually healed from his grief and went on to experience a normal and relatively privileged childhood. He was raised by his grandparents for a little while.

In his teens, Wright became invested in football and played it in school. However, his interest was cut short when he injured his knee and could no longer play. This sent him into another depressive spiral at 18 years old, which was made worse by his bourgeoning alcoholism.

After he ran away from home and cut ties with his family, Wright got married but the union was an unhappy one. His wife was ‘very abusive’ and had cheated on him with his best friends. After years of marriage, the two went their separate ways.

His next relationship with another woman was equally tumultuous if not worse, involving extreme manipulation and abuse on her part. In a desperate measure to get out of the relationship, Wright attempted to take his own life with a 308 rifle, shooting himself in the face.

He was in a coma for eight months and the wound was so severe that it irreversibly damaged his mouth, nose, and jaw. Following numerous surgeries to save his life, he lost his nose and a third of his tongue, he can no longer enunciate clearly like before.

Wright is immensely grateful for and in awe of surviving the suicide attempt. He believes that ‘God had a mission for him’ and saved his life. He fulfills that mission by sharing his story in the hopes of helping others cope with their mental health issues.