Is Amber Heard’s career over? Her future prospects discussed

Amber Heard

With the Heard-Depp defamation trial in its final stages, people have started thinking of the potential long-term impacts of the case’s verdict. It’s widely expected that Johnny Depp has little chance of resurrecting his Hollywood career regardless of the court’s decision. On the other hand, the jury’s out on the trial’s potential impact on Heard’s career. 

Kathryn Arnold, an entertainment industry consultant, told the Virginia court that Heard’s career has already suffered due to the court cases brought by her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Arnold alleged that despite Amber’s excellent performance in Aquaman, she had to beg for a role in the second film as Depp’s accusations impacted her negotiating power. 

An expert claimed that Amber lost $45 to $50 million following Depp’s statements

“Her work stopped,” Arnold said. She said that starring in Aquaman primed Amber for stunning Hollywood success, but Depp’s statements impacted her standing in the industry. “She was on the precipice of a meteoric rise,” Kathryn said

Arnold said that Amber would have earned $8 million from endorsement deals, $20 million from films, and millions from television shows had Depp not defamed her. Heard also had an endorsement contract with L’Oreal worth $1.5 million that the company declined to renew. 

L’Oreal stopped inviting her to promotions and extended her contract with no additional pay or the immediate prospect of activity. “It’s very likely that Ms. Heard should have earned between $45 and $50 million over that time period,” Arnold added

Arnold used the career trajectories of actors like Zendaya, Ana de Armas, and Jason Momoa to illustrate the potential growth of Heard’s career following Aquaman’s success. According to Arnold, Aquaman should have been Amber’s ‘Star Is Born’ moment. 

“It was that moment where not only was she a good actor, but she was now world-renowned because she was in the most successful film … for DC Comics,” Arnold said. “It was just this extraordinary moment for her, for her career to take off.”

“Even though she may not have been at the stature of a Zendaya at that time, you can still look at it as a comparable trajectory of what happens when you’re in a blockbuster movie.”

Arnold stated that Amber’s unpopularity on social media dissuades production houses from involving her in their projects. Using social media as an indication of public opinion, Johnny seems to have won his battle against Heard. Arnold said:

“When there’s negative social media it can be very bad, because not only can social media be directed at the actor or the actors themselves, but it can also be directed towards the movie, towards the movie company, towards the product that the actor or actors are working with.”

Amber will appear in a reduced role in Aquaman and won’t attend press events

Amber Heard will reprise the role of Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom but will have far reduced screen time. Reports claim that she almost never appeared in the film: producers wanted to cut her out as she lacked chemistry with Jason Momoa. 

mera in aquaman

Heard told the court that she had to settle for ’a very pared-down version’ of Mera. She said:

“I was given a script and then given new versions of the script that had taken away scenes that had action in it, that depicted my character and another character, without giving any spoiler aways, two characters fighting with one another, and they basically took a bunch out of my role. They just removed a bunch out.”

Amber earned $2 million for the role and will make $4 million if the producers create a third installment. Fans attending Aquaman events won’t interact with Amber as she’s barred from attending the film’s promotional events. 

Reports claim that Hollywood producers don’t trust Amber Heard anymore

Apart from Aquaman, Amber Heard hasn’t announced an upcoming project. A report by Pop Tonic alleges that Heard has no work because Hollywood producers no longer trust her. 

“You can’t trust a word that comes out of that woman’s mouth,” a film industry insider allegedly told the outlet. “She’s a compulsive liar and a master manipulator, and Hollywood is starting to see that.”

Vian an email sent to the publication, the industry insider said that Amber showed up late and drunk on set. The insider claimed that Amber once tried to get a director fired as they complained about her drinking and tardiness. 

“She threatened to end the director’s career, I assumed she meant by making phony allegations against him,” the email reportedly led. The correspondence added that Amber refused to attend a deposition by American Psycho producer Christopher Hanley.

Hanley sued Amber for breach of contract and interfering with the film’s production. She allegedly refused to appear in some scenes, including romantic scenes. Matthew Rosengart, the plaintiff’s attorney, said:

“he postponed her deposition numerous times, offering various excuses in court filings, including that she was attending an engagement party in New Jersey and flying to London for a costume fitting.”

The insider accused Amber of delaying the premiere of London Fields by blackmailing the film’s director Michael Cullen. London Fields made a profit but performed exceptionally poorly among critics, with many criticizing Amber’s performance. The insider added:

“I love Amber Heard she completely butchered the role as a femme fatale and the whole thing seemed like a drug-induced vanity project with no sober editing or directing to fix the multitude of cringeworthy scenes. The girl makes for pretty scenery and that’s about it. As far as the others, well, they all tried.”

“[Amber Heard’s] acting career in Hollywood is over, especially here in Hollywood,” the email concluded. “Producers don’t trust her.”