What is Ashley Snell’s ethnicity? The reality star’s Caucasian heritage

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Tony Snell and his wife, Ashley Snell, run the Tony Snell Foundation, an organization that helps spread awareness about autism. Snell, a former Chicago Bulls player, and his son, Karter, are autistic. Ashley, a fashion entrepreneur and star of Basketball Wives Orlando, married Snell in August 2020. 

Ashley Snell is Caucasian; her parentage is unclear

Ashley Snell is Caucasian. Some internet rumors claim she may be black. However, there’s no evidence to support that allegation. 

The reality television star said on TODAY that she and Snell noticed that Karter had started to miss developmental milestones. “By 18 months, he still wasn’t talking [and] he was doing a lot of stimming movements. … He always has to have like six or seven toys in his hands, usually one is always a basketball,” Ashley said, adding that a doctor suggested that Karter get tested for autism. 

Karter’s autism diagnosis motivated Snell to get tested. “I’m like, if [Karter] is diagnosed, then I think I am too. … That gave me the courage to go get checked up,” Snell stated. “It just made my whole life, everything about my life, make so much sense. It was like a clarity, like putting some 3D glasses on.”