Barbora Skrlova now: The conwoman’s life after prison

Barbora Skrlova

Barbora Skrlova became an international sensation after Norwegian authorities revealed the 33-year-old woman had deceived teachers, police, and childcare workers into believing she was a 13-year-old boy named Adam. Skrlova suffered from hypopituitarism, a condition that makes people look smaller and much younger than they are. 

Skrlova looked even younger after undergoing breast reduction surgery and liposuction. For four months, she deceived authorities into thinking she was a teenage boy. “We did react to Adam’s behavior,” school principal Ingjerd Eriksen told local outlet Dagbladet. “But it’s not easy to know. Children at that age can be so different.”

Barbora lives free following her early release from prison

Norwegian authorities started searching for Adam after he escaped from a children’s home in Oslo. They found Adam in the Arctic city of Tromso and discovered he was a 33-year-old fugitive from the Czech Republic. 

“It turned out that the so-called missing teenager was a 33-year-old woman,” Norwegian police said. “Not even we have been able to figure out what is up and down in this case,” Norwegian police attorney Sven T. Roer said

Authorities later found out that Barbora Skrlova had fled the Czech Republic to avoid questioning about a child abuse case. Czech prosecutors considered Barbora a key witness in the matter, but it was also likely that Skrlova was guilty of the crimes against the children. 

Skrlova initially fled to Denmark before moving to Norway. She shaved her head, concealed her breasts, and convinced the parents of the real Adam to enroll her at the Marienlyst school near Oslo. 

Norwegian authorities deported Barbora to the Czech Republic, where she faced charges involving her fake Czech identity. In the Czech Republic, Barbora lived as a 12-year-old adopted girl named Anicka. 

Skrlova and her accomplice, Katerina Mauerova, were accused of deliberately deceiving staff at the Brno children’s home by presenting Barbora as Anicka. Barbora was found not guilty but was immediately rearrested to stand trial on child abuse charges. 

Barbora and her co-defendants turned on each other, helping the prosecution prove their guilt. Skrlova denied participating in the abuse, claiming she was a victim of the accused’s depravity. 

The court sentenced Barbora to five years in prison. She was released after serving half her sentence after her lawyer successfully argued that her psychological well-being had suffered in prison. 

The judge ordered Skrlova to spend five years on probation after her prison stint. Information on her whereabouts after prison has proven challenging to find. However, we expect Barbora lives free in her native Czech Republic. Her disappearance from the news suggests she prefers life away from the limelight. 

Skrlova allegedly manipulated two sisters into believing she was a 12-year-old girl

Klara, a mother of two sons, met Barbora Skrlova while studying pedagogy in college. Barbora introduced herself as Anicka and said she didn’t have a place to stay after escaping an abusive juvenile center. Klara took ‘Anicka’ home, planning to adopt her. 

The mother lived with her two sons and her sister, Katerina. Barbora presented herself as a sickly child that needed constant doctors’ appointments. However, she only allowed Katerina to take her to the hospital. 

The evidence suggests that Katerina knew about Barbora’s deception but decided against telling her sister. Klara suffered from mental illness, which Anicka skillfully exploited. Boiling with jealousy, Anicka would blame Klara’s sons for her actions. 

Destabilized due to anger, Klara would savagely lash out at her children, delighting Barbora. Anicka’s fake doctor, who prosecutors believed was Katerina, sent a note recommending Anicka’s adoption and therapeutic treatment for Klara’s boys. 

The special therapeutic treatment included torturous punishment and physical abuse. Ondrej and Jakub endured beatings, false imprisonment, and waterboarding. Their abusers forced them to sleep naked on their own feces and to eat their vomit. 

The motivation behind the abuse was believed to be the teachings of a cult known as ‘the Grail Movement,’ which Barbora’s father ran. Salvation for Ondrej and Jakub arrived fortuitously. 

Klara had installed a baby monitor in the basement to keep tabs on her son. A neighbor set up a similar monitor for his child. The feeds got mixed up, and the neighbor received live footage from Klara’s household. He alerted police, who searched door to door until they found the battered and malnourished children. 

Barbora escaped because authorities believed she was a child. However, she was captured in Norway and made to answer for her crimes. Considering her alleged role in the abuse, many believe Barbora got a lenient sentence.