What is Ben Wiggins’ ethnicity? His race revealed

Ben Wiggins

Ben Wiggins’ role as Roald Walker-Burton in You is arguably his biggest role so far. Walker-Burton is a member of Joe’s affluent social group and one of Kate’s best friends. Wiggins’ character seems innocent enough, but as we’ve learned in previous seasons of the show, innocuous smiles often hide dark truths. 

Ben Wiggins was raised in Britain and has a Mediterranean, Latin American, and mixed-race appearance

Ben Wiggins was born on 23rd March 1989 in Britain. His ethnicity is unclear, but according to the casting website Spotlight, Wiggins has a Mediterranean, Latin American, and mixed-race appearance. 

Wiggins hasn’t provided much insight into his private life. However, we know he started his acting career as a stage actor, appearing in Lord of the Flies, Romeo and Juliet, and Son of Precariat

One of Wiggins’ more memorable roles is Princess Katherine in a stage production of Henry V. Wiggins talked to Open Air Theatre about the experience:

“I’ve never played a woman on stage before, and I’ve worked a lot with Rob [director Robert Hastie] in making sure it doesn’t become a caricature. It’s about poise, and about moving in a softer, more feminine way – it’s not about eyelashes and wigs, or being flamboyant.”

Wiggins’ next appearance will come in Grace season 3, which debuts on 23rd March 2023.