Black Crab Parents Guide — Things to watch out in a film full of adventure fuelled by love

Black Crab

The latest release of Netflix is a deep adventure thriller based on a post-apocalyptic work that delivers a strong message coupled with a vibrant cast and vivid cinematography. The film follows the quest of Caroline Edh (played by Noomi Rapace) who is tasked to deliver two capsules that can change the fortunes of war to a base hundreds of miles away in exchange for her daughter. Edh, along with her 4 colleagues are challenged in many ways throughout this long journey in a movie that gives a deep message about a bond between a mother and her daughter.

Parental Rating

The film is rated TV-MA which means only mature audiences are allowed to watch. The film has only been given a TV rating while a movie rating hasn’t been published yet. However, the TV-MA rating is equivalent to an NC-17 rated motion picture which allows people aged over 17 to watch. The NC -17 rating signals that a film may contain violence, sex, aberrational behaviour, drug abuse or any other element that most parents would consider too strong and therefore off-limits for viewing by their children.

Things parents should watch out for in this film:


There are many portrayals of gunfire, bomb blasts, fire and stabbings throughout the film which are very graphic at times. The film starts with gunshots playing in the background and people are seen screaming and laying dead on the floor.

The army base which Edh and her colleagues set out from is destroyed by enemy fire with strong visuals while fire and debris are seen flashing all over. Strong visuals of a severed face of a soldier are shown when Edh and the team shoots and infiltrated an enemy checkpoint.

Horror and gore

Set in a context of an apocalyptic world, the director has used strong visuals with a bleak colour tone and dark environments to denote the bleakness and horror of the war which can be emotionally traumatising to a young audience. The makeup and clothes worn by the cast also reflect this grimness with bloody, tattered, and dirty clothes.

Within the first 10 minutes, the film shows three dead soldiers hanging from a noose when Edh is taken to her base. The film also shows characters stabbed and shot violently with visible blood while soldiers burn dead bodies by tossing them to fire. Edh also comes across dead bodies of people trapped under the ice and frozen which paints a very grim picture.


All characters of the film speak in Swedish with English translations shown. There are strong profanities used which can be seen although the profanities are not used frequently.

Black Crab doesn’t have any nudity or suggestive material, but the whole film is a depiction of violence that reflects on the strong blood, gore and flashing images that are shown throughout. Currently, the film holds mixed reviews with a 5.5 IMDb rating. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep children away from this adventure-filled movie.