Who is Bob Lee’s wife? The tech mogul’s love life and family

Bob Lee

Bob Lee, the cash app founder, was in San Francisco for a leadership summit in early April 2023. After the conference ended, he chose to stay in the city for another day to catch up with friends, a decision that cost him his life. Bob was fatally stabbed in a deserted alleyway in the Rincon Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. 

Bob Lee shared two daughters, Scout and Dagny, with his ex-wife Krista

Krista Lee moved from her native St. Louis, Missouri, to San Francisco with her husband, Lee, in 2011. The couple welcomed two daughters, Scout and Dagny, before divorcing. The dates of their wedding and divorce are unclear. 

Reports stated that Krista lives in the Bay Area with the children. She’s yet to comment about Bob’s death. 

Anne Caroline Drake, a cousin of Krista’s father, Gary, commented on Bob’s death. She wrote on Facebook:

“OMG. My news feed today was filled with this story, and my instincts told me to pay attention. I didn’t. Tonight I was watching ABC News when I started to wonder whether this was my cousin Gary’s ex-son-in-law. Yep. He was married to Gary’s daughter Krista. He was an absolute genius, and she devoted her life to him.”

In the comments section of her post, Anne speculated that Krista ‘must be absolutely devastated’. She added that Scout and Dagney resemble Krista when she was little. Anne said Krista was a ‘sweet little girl’ who loved cats.

As far as we can tell, Bob Lee wasn’t dating at the time of his death.