Breg Polar Care Wave In Sports Medicine: Enhancing Performance And Recovery

Breg Polar Care Wave In Sports Medicine: Enhancing Performance And Recovery

Always looking for that EDGE. Sport fanatics get it. The pump of adrenaline and the desire to keep hitting the playing field. Pushing your body to the limits can be enthralling, but you should look for ways to give back and support your body. Care

Bringing something like the Breg Polar Care Wave into your aftercare routine is an excellent idea for this. Cold therapy has been proven by our friends in the labs to actually give your body a whole lot of benefit. These machines are so slick and portable, it gives you the power to do so much. Let’s get into it!

You Can Take Your Icing On the Go with a Breg Polar Care Wave

Shortest length of time possible. Being in sports you get it. You need to be fast, efficient, and skillful. Well, if an injury happens while you’re in game play, you’ll want to attend to it as quickly as possible. Having a portable icing machine gives you the ability to start treating any injury you get during game play.

When you’re working on maintaining a good icing regimen or just have a past injury area you want to give extra attention to, you can also use these portable machines. It’s super easy to skip out on aftercare when you’re going back and forth from games to home to work.

Treat Individual Areas Longer Than You Can Cold Plunge Yourself

With a machine like a Breg Polar Care Wave, you can truly customize your icing experience. Sure, we’ve all seen the beasts of men and women who drop themselves into a tank of ice water. But this isn’t practical when you’re on the go all the time or just not ready for the entire body ice drop.

When you rock a portable icing machine, you can choose how cold to take it and where that cold goes. With individual wraps, you can target any area of your body. For those sensitive to the cold, this setup is way easier to take than the total body plunge.

Add the Extra Benefit of Compression Therapy at the Same Time

One thing you can’t get very well during an ice plunge bath is compression to your targeted area. Machines that have the icing capabilities sometimes also have the ability to compress the area you are treating. Giving a cold blast and a squeeze. They will come with settings that allow you to change how much the device tightens down on you, including an option to use no compression at all.

All the Benefits Without All the Fuss!

That’s right, an icing machine like the Breg Polar Care Wave is just too easy (and affordable) to pass up. If you’re putting your body through the push, pull, and tear of sports, why not give it a little extra TLC? These machines allow specific targeting of whatever area you want. You’ll get even more benefit when you find one that also does compression. All of this and it’s portable! It’s really the best for recovery.