Brock Turner now — The sex offender’s life after the controversial conviction

Brock Turner

Brock Turner, the infamous rapist, received a sentence of six months in county jail for the sexual assault and attempted rape of Chanel Miller on the Stanford campus. Getting away with the severity of his crimes on a legal loophole, his light sentence was dubbed by media outlets as “a slap on the wrist”.

Though Turner pled not guilty to five charges filed by the prosecution, he was convicted on three counts of felonies ranging from attempted rape to the sexual assault of an intoxicated and unconscious person. The former swimmer has since been barred from setting foot on the Stanford campus ever again and is also banned from competing in any USA-Swimming sanctioned event.

Brock Turner lives at his parents’ house in Bellbrook, Ohio and has been working at a local factory, Tark Inc., since 2017.

Brock Turner returned to his hometown in Centerville, Ohio and maintains a low profile at his workplace

On September 2, 2016, Turner was released from his San Jose, California, jail for good behavior after serving only three months of his six-month sentence.

He returned to his hometown in Centerville, Dayton, Ohio and currently lives with his parents, Dan and Carleen Turner, in the family’s $300,000 home in Bellbrook.

As of 2019, Turner was employed at Tark Inc., which is a local factory in Dayton that designs and manufactures cooling solutions for the X-ray tube industry. He reportedly earned $12 an hour and initially worked an entry-level position in the factory.

“He worked in shipping and receiving and he’s now in quality control. He’s been with us for just over two years,” an anonymous co-worker of Turner told The Daily Mail. Turner has been maintaining a low profile at work as the co-worker added:

“He’s really quiet and polite. He doesn’t say much and he’s not really chatty with anyone. He just keeps his head down and does his job, no problems.”

Although the owner of the company, Jim McCarthy, declined to comment on Turner’s employment, reviewers have noted that the company still employs Brock Turner. Moreover, Brock Turner completed his three-year probation in 2019 and is a ‘free man’ by all definitions.

Brock Turner is registered as a Tier III sex offender in Greene County, Ohio and has to re-register every 90 days for the rest of his life

On September 6, 2016, NBC News reported that Brock Turner has registered as a Tier III sex offender, the most serious classification, in Greene County, Ohio just a few days after his release from jail.

He is further required to re-register sex offender status four times a year, every 90 days, for the remainder of his life.

“He’s court-ordered to follow the laws for the registering and checking in and that’s what he does – he comes in, tells us what he’s doing. We register him, enter him into the system and he comes back in every three months,” the Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer told The Daily Mail.

“We’ve not done anything special for Mr. Turner. Everybody registers in front of the window down there where everybody can see in. He’s come in, does what he’s supposed to do and moves on,” added Sheriff Fischer.

In December 2017, Turner appealed to a California appeals court in December 2019 to overturn his conviction. However, the three-judge panel rejected his appeal in August 2018 and concurred with the original conviction citing that Turner’s arguments about his conviction being made on insufficient evidence “lacked merit”.

“We are not persuaded. While it is true that the defendant did not expose himself, he was interrupted,” Associate Justice Franklin D. Elia wrote in the ruling as reported by The New York Times.