Is Buried in Barstow a true story? The film’s origins explained

Buried in Barstow

Angie Harmon stars as Hazel King in Lifetime’s latest offering, Buried in Barstow. At the age of 15, King was trained to be an assassin and later became a drug addict. She adopted a secluded life in the town of Barstow, California, following the birth of her daughter, Joy. 

King’s past comes back to haunt her after she beats her daughter’s abusive boyfriend to within a whisker of his life. Her former boss hires her for one last job, forcing her to unearth a past she’d long buried. 

The film ends with Hazel bleeding out behind her diner from injuries inflicted by mysterious assailants. We’ll find out what happens to King in the already commissioned Buried in Barstow sequel. 

Buried in Barstow is a fictional story created by Thompson Evans and Tom Evans

Films like Buried in Barstow will have you questioning whether your neighbor or local BBQ joint owner had military training as a teen. 

You’ll be happy to learn that the film isn’t a true story. Thompson Evans and Tom Evans crafted Hazel King’s fictional narrative.