What is Candi CdeBaca’s ethnicity? The politician’s racial identity

Candi CdeBaca

Candi CdeBaca is campaigning for reelection as Denver city council representative for District 9. She courted controversy when she proposed the taxation of ‘White-led businesses’ and redistributing the proceeds to minorities as reparation for capitalism. “Capitalism was built on stolen land, stolen labor and stolen resources,” CdeBaca said during a political forum in early May 2023. 

Candi CdeBaca was the first LGBTQ Latina to serve on Denver City Council

Candi CdeBaca was born in Swansea, Denver, on 10th April 1986. She is a Latina. CdeBaca writes on her website that she was raised by a single mother and her grandparents:

“I was raised by a single mom and grandparents here in Swansea, a food desert and the most polluted zip code in America. As a result, I learned the importance of putting people and the planet at the center of city policy, and I became a community organizer, social worker, and policy expert.”

She claimed she became an activist after finding her mother stuck in the street, unable to move her wheelchair over a ramp-less curb.