Where is Candy Montgomery today? Her ordinary life in Georgia after the murder trial

Candy Montgomery

The downfall of Candy Montgomery’s quaint suburban life began when she embarked on an extramarital affair with her best friend Betty Gore’s husband. In a confrontation gone wrong between the two friends, Candy ended up murdering Betty with an axe, inflicting more than 40 wounds on her on June 13, 1980.

But in a surprising murder trial, Candy was acquitted of all charges after the defense presented that she had hit Betty in self-defense. It was found that Betty tried to harm her first with the same weapon. Nevertheless, the not-guilty verdict was controversial in the community of Wylie, Texas where it all happened.

Yet Candy Montgomery walked free and went on to lead a normal life after the brutal killing.

Candy Montgomery became a family counselor in Dawsonville, Georgia after she was acquitted of all murder charges

Over the years, Candy’s story has been retold in the media in the form of multiple true crime books and television shows. However, unlike the media, she appears to have put the whole thing behind her and moved on. She was 30 years old when she killed Betty Gore and is now 73 years old.

After the trial, Candy and her husband Pat Montgomery moved to Georgia to get a fresh start in their lives and relationship. Candy wanted to “be normal again” and close that grim chapter of her life.

Although Pat supported her throughout the trial, the couple divorced four years later. Since then, Candy has taken her maiden name “Wheeler” and has been residing in Dawsonville, Georgia as Candace Wheeler.

She became a certified mental health therapist, a family counselor to be specific, trained in treating patients with depression, anxiety and anger management issues. She also offers marriage counseling to people having marital issues.

Candy refuses to interact with the media or provide any interviews despite many news outlets reaching out to her.

“I’m telling you in big bold letters [that] I’m not interested,” she once told a journalist.

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