Is Carson from Survivor gay? His confusing sexuality

Carson Garrett

Many underestimated Carson Garrett when he was introduced as a contestant in Survivor 44. It seems Garrett wanted people to underrate him, as he’s shown he has the skill and mental fortitude to go the distance. Garrett has many fans, including from the LGBTQ+ community. 

Carson Garrett is not gay; he has never had a girlfriend

Carson Garrett shocked viewers when he revealed that he’s never had a girlfriend. The revelation sparked gay rumors. However, Garrett is not gay. 

Garrett recently stated that the reason for not having a girlfriend is because males in Georgia Institute of Technology, where he’s enrolled, outnumber the females by nearly 2:1. “For people confused why I’m single, just check out the male/female breakdown at my school,” Garrett tweeted

“It also doesn’t help when you’ve looked like this your whole life,” Garrett wrote alongside an image of a skinnier, younger version of himself.