What is Chase Sui Wonders’ ethnicity? All about the actor’s Chinese heritage

Chase Sui Wonders

Chase Sui Wonders’ fame has hit new levels following reports that she is dating her Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Pete Davidson. The couple hasn’t confirmed the relationship. However, several romantic sightings of the pair support the rumor that they are dating. “Pete and Chase Suo have been hanging out and having fun,” an insider close to Pete told People. “It doesn’t seem like a long-term thing though.”

Chase Sui Wonders’ father is a second-generation Chinese-American; her mother is of European ancestry

Chase Sui Wonders was born on 21st May 1996 to a Chinese-American father and a mother of European ancestry. Her parents, Robert Sui and Jeannie Wonders, are American nationals. 

Robert and Jeannie raised Chase and her three siblings – Jeannie, Grant, and Clark – in Detroit, Michigan. After their split, Robert married Christine Hunt, with whom he has two children: Chance and Grace. 

Robert’s father, Paul Sui, and mother, Grace Fang, met in Paris. Grace descended from the Fang clan, famous for producing philosophers and scholars. She was a descendant of Fang Bao, a Chinese poet who founded the Tongcheng School of literary prose. 

Chase told Who What Wear that she grew up in a traditional Chinese household. “My family is a very traditional one,” Chase said. “My dad is a very traditional Chinese father.”

Anna Sui, Chase’s aunt and Robert’s sister, inspired Chase to pursue a creative career. “[Robert] definitely didn’t make acting seem like the most welcome career option, but then, I would just point to his sister, and he couldn’t really say anything,” Chase said. 

Anna is a famous fashion designer who Time named one of the Top 5 Fashion Icons of the Decade in 2010. Despite having a close family member at the top of the fashion industry, Anna stated she was an unfashionable child. “I was an aggressive tomboy for most of my youth,” Chase said. 

She speculated that the distance between Michigan, where she grew up, and New York, where Anna worked, separated her from her aunt’s influence. Nevertheless, Anna inspired Chase and dressed her whenever the pair got together. Chase told W Magazine in 2017:

“When we were three, four, and five, my aunt would let my sister and my cousins and I pick our favorite looks from her shows, and then she would shrink them down. Like these giant fur coats for toddlers. We would then put on our fashion shows because we had so much of her clothing.”