Who are Chris Tyson’s parents? Their attitude toward his gender transformation

Justin Pearson

Chris Tyson is trending, not because of a MrBeast YouTube video, but because he revealed that he’s started his gender transformation journey. Tyson’s revelation of the results of hormone replacement therapy stunned fans, sparking conversations about gender identity and drawing praise and criticism in equal measure. “It’s never too late to start being yourself,” Tyson wrote on Twitter alongside three purple heart emojis. 

Chris Tyson’s parents struggled to accept his bisexuality and gender nonconformity

Chris Tyson was born to Amy Foss and Steve Tyson on 1st July 1996 in Ayden, North Carolina. He grew up alongside his older sisters, Kaitlyn and Sarah. 

Chris Tyson family

Amy’s facebook states that the family lives in Harkers Island, North Carolina. It adds that she is a real estate agent at Keller Williams Crystal Oak. 

In December 2021, Amy and Steve bought an Airbnb unit on Harkers Island and turned it into a vacation house dubbed The Sand Bar Lodge. According to its Facebook page, the Sand Bar Lodge is permanently closed. 

Amy has several photos of Chris and his MrBeast friends on Facebook. However, she’s posted nothing about his sexuality and recent gender transformation. 

Chris wrote on Twitter in November 2020 that his family reacted negatively to his attempt as a teenager to come out as bisexual. He wrote:

“Also I want to use my alt to let everyone know that I am bisexual and when I told the few people I did when I was 16 I got a lot of negative backlash from friends/family. Just know if the people around you don’t love and support you we always will.”

In early April 2023, Chris revealed that his family has yet to accept his gender nonconformity. He tweeted:

“All my friends have been so supportive! My family, however, is still learning and trying to understand/accept. Because for them, like many people, this was a shock. But the people who KNOW me have been silently cheering me on the whole way!”