What happened to Christopher Daniels’ eye? The effects of his eye injury

Christopher Daniels

Ten months after a bloody fight against The Young Bucks, Christopher Daniels returned to the AEW ring to face Bryan Danielson. The King of Indies, as he’s known in wrestling circles, lost the match but was excited to return to action. 

“If you told me in May when I walked out the door that I wouldn’t wrestle here again for ten months, I wouldn’t have believed it,” Daniels tweeted. “If you told me there’d be this much support for my return, I couldn’t have imagined it. Thank you all.”

Among the pumped fans celebrating Daniels’ return were keen observers concerned about his eye. 

Daniels injured his eye during a match but didn’t suffer lasting damage

During the last match before Daniels’ hiatus, Nick Jackson kicked Daniels’ face onto a post, injuring the veteran’s eye. Daniels fought through the pain before seeking medical attention. 

Fortunately, Daniels didn’t suffer lasting damage. During an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Daniels revealed that the eye injury was ‘more cosmetic than anything.’ He stated that a hemorrhage caused the discoloration in his eye. 

“I’ve been checked up and my vision is fine, it’s just gnarly looking,” Daniels said. “When I talked to the doctor, he said it can happen on occasion where hemorrhages don’t heal or drain, but it has nothing to do with the iris itself, it’s just the white of the eye that is discolored.”

Daniels said it might be a while before his eye clears. “It could dry up in a week or it could take a while,” he said. 

Before the eyeball clears, Daniels wears a contact lens that hides the discoloration. “Thanks to my friends at @samhainlenses and this white delight Chuck Silva devised, now the shocked looks when I travel have dwindled to the ‘Wait, YOU’RE still alive?’ variety,” he captioned an Instagram post showing off the lens.