Daniel Larson’s story — The controversial TikToker dissected

Daniel Larson

Daniel Larson has shown unexpected longevity on social media despite many writing him off when he first came to fame in 2020. Larson earned the moniker ‘Mr. President’ after announcing his bid for President of the US. His mock online campaign earned him a cult following that maintains an interest in Larson’s life. 

Part of the reason why fans have stuck around is that Larson is something of an enigma. A section of the online community has put significant effort into unraveling the social media star. 

It’s a challenging task, considering Daniel’s constant switching of social media accounts.

As a child, Larson was allegedly abused and diagnosed with mental health illnesses

Daniel Larson was born in 1998 in Denver, Colorado. Via a TikTok video detailing his childhood, Larson claimed that as a child, he was abused by his mother. TikTok took that account down, but you can find the video on the r/Daniellarson subreddit. Larson says:

“Unfortunately, when I was a toddler, my mother basically abused me. I got taken away from her mainly because she was a safety threat to me.”

Larson claimed that before he joined preschool, he was diagnosed with several mental health illnesses, including autism, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. “I am currently questioning whether it’s all true. Do I have a disability? Do I have, you know, this crazy mental illness that people are really saying I have?” Larson continued. 

Daniel claimed the result of his diagnoses was he spent most of his time in mental health care institutions and foster homes. He also made no friends and never completely grasped right from wrong. “I feel like that’s not my fault,” he said. “I feel like that’s where our world screws up.”

Larson went on to express his disdain for the mental healthcare system and his desire for a life filled with meaningful connections. He said:

“I feel terrible. I hate my life – I hate just everything in general about it. I hate the care system. All I want is to live life and just make friends. The depression doesn’t come from social media; it comes from the way I am being treated.”

Daniel’s video confirmed fan suspicion about his mental health. It also raised concern about his well-being as it was unclear whether Larson was getting the appropriate care. Reddit user u/DislikeBabyYoda recently posted:

“This stream is a disaster and shows why Daniel needs PROFESSIONAL help. I don’t blame these kids for trying. They have good intentions, but by no means do they have the resources to help this terribly disabled person. It’s horrible, it needs to end.”

Larson believed he would go to jail following child pornography allegations

Larson was a beloved character when he announced his online bid for president: fans saw him as a comedian looking for online fame. However, fans soon grew tired of the trope, forcing Larson to innovate. 

Daniel introduced ‘The Fog,’ in October 2020, which included foggy or blurred videos shot using his front-facing cameras. The gimmick failed, forcing Larson into a five-month hiatus from social media. 

Determined to get attention, Larson posted increasingly NSFW content. On 3rd May 2021, he posted a video of himself moaning in the darkness. Larson explained that his despair came from an investigation by the FBI on charges of child pornography. 

At the time, Daniel faced regular allegations of pedophilia and child porn. His videos of young children convinced some fans that Larson was guilty of sexual crimes against children. One Reddit post read:

“In a previous video that he had posted he admitted to owning child porn. That video was later taken down. His newest post is him recording children around the age of 7-10 at a trampoline park. The children do not know he is making a video and come up to him asking him questions. This is very creepy.”

As far as we know, authorities didn’t investigate Larson. He was likely convinced of the fake investigation by internet trolls. 

Daniel soiled his reputation further by flashing his genitals in a TikTok video. The platform banned him for violating community guidelines. Since then, TikTok has taken down several of his accounts for various violations. 

As of August 2022, his account Daniel Larson Recordz, a page dedicated to promoting his music, is live and has a little over 25K followers. 

Daniel has started streaming following the deletion of multiple social media accounts

Larson’s recent collaborations with TikToker briiiink showed a different, loveable side to Daniel. The pair talked about Daniel’s music career and gave fans a glimpse of Larson’s apartment. The videos were extremely popular on briiiink’s account. 

Daniel appears to have switched to streaming following the deletion of his TikTok accounts. He posted his latest stream on a YouTube page dubbed Daniel Larson new start.