Where is Danny Keough today? His low-key life

Danny Keoug and Lisa Marie Presley

The world was shocked to learn about Lisa Marie Presley’s sudden death on 12th January 2023, days after she’d attended the Golden Globes ceremony with her mother, Priscilla Presley. Reports state that a housekeeper found Lisa Marie unresponsive in her room. 

Lisa’s ex-husband, Danny Keough, arrived home shortly afterward and performed CPR until paramedics arrived. They restarted Lisa’s heart and rushed her to a local hospital, where doctors placed her on life support. Reports claim that Lisa’s family asked doctors not to revive her after her heart stopped a second time as she was pronounced brain dead on admission. 

Danny Keough lives in Los Angeles and works as an actor

Danny Keough is an actor who lives in Los Angeles. He likely has another gig, as his acting projects have been few and far between, according to IMDb. Keough’s last appearance came in 2019’s The Lodge alongside his daughter, Riley Keough. 

Keough and Lisa Marie Presley married in 1988. “I am thrilled for Lisa Marie,” Lisa told People after the low-key Church of Scientology ceremony. “Danny is a great guy, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.”

Rumors claimed that Lisa forced Danny, who’d met Lisa in rehab, to sign away his claim to Marie’s fortune. The alleged prenup would prove beneficial six years later – the couple divorced in 1994 but remained close friends. Lisa told People:

“We are like brother and sister, so it is not weird at all. You don’t have to put your crap on your kids even if you are nor together. You can still be civilized. I knew at the age that I had the kids with him that Danny was someone I could be connected with for the rest of my life.”

Danny and Lisa started living together again following the suicide death of their son, Benjamin Keough. Lisa wrote on Facebook that Danny was ‘completely lost’. A source told The Sun:

“In her [Lisa’s] final years, she was racked with grief over Ben, he was her baby, and he relied on her heavily. Her world completely fell apart when he died. She was comforted having her ex Danny around again. They weren’t romantic but they were close.”