De Marquet: Beyond Fashion, A Philosophy of Life

In the vast universe of fashion, every now and then a brand emerges that doesn’t just follow trends, but creates them, giving life to a philosophy that goes beyond a mere accessory. De Marquet is one such brand, and its story deserves to be told.

The Roots of a Dream

It all starts with a woman, an enthusiastic entrepreneur with an unstoppable passion for fashion. Her incessant travels and her natural inclination towards art and creativity led her to establish De Marquet. But it’s not just a randomly chosen name: it’s a tribute to her Viennese great-grandmother, a connection to roots and a family history rich in nobility and tradition.

Night&Day: Not Just A Bag

The flagship piece of the De Marquet collection is undoubtedly the “Night&Day” bag. But to simply call it a “bag” would be an understatement. It’s a concept, an idea, a revolution in the world of accessories. With its interchangeable covers, it represents the perfect solution for the modern woman, always on the move, seeking practicality without sacrificing elegance. But there’s more: it’s a symbol of a new approach to consumption. In an era of rampant consumerism, De Marquet offers a sustainable alternative: why buy dozens of bags when you can have one, versatile and always different?

A Bridge between Art and Fashion

Each cover of the “Night&Day” is a work of art. De Marquet doesn’t just produce accessories, but creates real bridges between the world of fashion and that of art. Collaborating with world-renowned artists and emerging talents, each bag becomes unique, a piece of a collection that tells stories, emotions, and visions. These collaborations are the beating heart of the brand, representing its relentless search for beauty and originality.

Sustainability: A Choice, A Commitment

But De Marquet is not just about fashion and art. It’s also, and above all, about sustainability. At a historical moment when the word “sustainability” risks becoming a mere slogan, De Marquet lives it in all its nuances. The choice to produce in Italy, valuing Tuscan craftsmanship, is just the tip of the iceberg. The focus on social responsibility, with special attention to those coming from challenging backgrounds, shows how deeply the brand is rooted in authentic and concrete values. During the pandemic, the adaptability and resilience shown by the brand, converting part of the production to make masks, were tangible proof of a real commitment to the community and the world.

Towards the Future

Looking to the future, De Marquet shows no signs of slowing down. With a clear vision and a well-defined mission, the brand is destined to make its mark on the international fashion scene. Each new collection, each collaboration, each sustainable initiative, are steps towards a future where fashion, art, and social responsibility coexist in perfect harmony.