Did Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss leave a note? All the details

Stephen "tWitch" Boss

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss seemed to be the living embodiment of happiness days before his suicide death. Boss celebrated his and his wife’s 9th wedding anniversary days before he shot himself in a motel near his Los Angeles home. Alison Holker released the following statement:

“Stephen lit up every room he stepped into. He valued family, friends and community above all else and leading with love and light was everything to him. He was the backbone of our family, the best husband and father, and an inspiration to fans.”

“Stephen, we love you, we miss you, and I will always save the last dance for you.”

tWitch may have left a suicide note in the bag he left home with

tWitch checked into the Oak Tree Inn on 12th December 2022. He arrived without a car and didn’t appear distressed, according to the hotel staff quoted by Radar Online

Boss, carrying a small bag, booked a room for the night. After he missed checkout at 11 a.m., the manager sent a maid to the dancer’s room. The maid found Boss dead in the bathroom from a gunshot wound to the head. The circumstances of the self-inflicted shooting remain unclear, as nobody reported hearing gunshots. 

The manager and maid didn’t report seeing a suicide note in the room. However, some reports claim Boss’s small bag may have contained a suicide note. The police confiscated Boss’s belongings after processing the scene. 

If tWitch left a suicide note, it might help determine why he committed suicide.