Was Don Shane sick? Finding out the cause of his death

Don Shane

On February 24, 2023, the famed sportscaster Don Shane of the ABC-affiliated WXYZ-TV’s Channel 7 passed away at the age of 70. Shane became a household name in Detroit during his 23-year career, known particularly for his extensive coverage of noteworthy sports events. His ‘Dare Don’ segments in the 1990s set him apart from other sportscasters.

Shane retired at 60 years old to spend more time with his family and had his last day on the air in March 2012. He moved to Arizona after retirement and spent the final years of his life in California.

“I have been really blessed. The things I have been able to see and do have far exceeded my expectations,” said Shane when he left the channel.

Don Shane had been sick for a while after his retirement in 2012 but his exact illness is unconfirmed

As of now, Shane’s family has yet to announce the cause of his death. The only detail known is that he died in his California home surrounded by his wife Mona and children, Justin and Lindsay. He had also just welcomed his first grandchild in May 2022.

News outlets report that Shane had been ill for a while, which was the reason for his early retirement 11 years ago. Although the alleged illnesses are neither confirmed nor specified, one commenter claimed that Shane was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and early onset of dementia.

However, it should be noted that these are speculations that have not been substantiated by Shane’s family or reputable sources.