What is Emily Abraham’s ethnicity? All about her heritage

Emily Abraham

The internet has no shortage of people flaunting their wealth, but Emily Abraham stands out for some reason. Emily records nearly every detail of her lavish lifestyle and posts it on TikTok. Netizens refer to the mom of three from the UK as the ‘Billionaire’s Wife’. Emily talked to The Sun about her luxury purchases and travels:

“We never visit the same place twice when we take holidays. I want my family to experience all that the world has to offer so we make sure we go to as many different places as possible, she [her daughter] does particularly love the Greek Islands though.”

Emily Abraham’s ethnicity is unclear, but she looks Middle Eastern

Emily Abraham’s ethnicity is unclear. She was born in the United Kingdom but looks Middle Eastern. 

Emily stated that she was raised by a white foster mother after her mother died. The social media star stated on the Emily Abraham Podcast that she was in bed with her biological mother when she passed away. Emily added that she didn’t know her mom was dead when she left for school. 

Elaine, Emily’s foster mother, took her in when she was six. “You did teach me a lot of very valuable life lessons,” Emily told Elaine. “And also how to be loved and to show love.”

Emily writes on the about page of her company, Love Luxury, that her grandfather taught her how to identify and sort precious stones and gold. She writes

“Emily would have the task of untangling and sorting the gold into piles of different carat. This was time consuming and not for the faint hearted. Sometimes taking entire weekends to sort through what her grandfather had purchased the previous week so he could go to sell it on.”