How did Eric Mumford die? All we know

Lynn Toler and Eric Mumford

Lynn Toler served as the arbitrator on the courtroom television series Divorce Court for 14 seasons, earning global fame. Judge Toler wrote in the Huffington Post in 2017 that her experience dealing with conflicting couples saved her marriage to Eric ‘Big E’ Mumford. She wrote:

“Once I got past the anger I started to address my own fears and learned how to communicate effectively. He followed suit because he saw that I had changed in a way that was in his best interests. It didn’t feel like it at first, but eventually, he got there. We then decided to fight the problem instead of fighting one another.”

In early January 2023, Toler announced that Eric Mumford died on 23rd December 2022. 

Eric Mumford’s cause of death remains a mystery

Judge Toler waited for nearly two weeks before announcing Eric’s death. “I’m in a million pieces,” Toler wrote. She described Mumford as a beautiful man ‘both inside and out’.

However, she didn’t publicize his cause of death. Toler and Eric shared two sons – Xavier and William – and she raised his four sons from a previous relationship. 

“Our marriage is better now because it is a mindful one,” Toler continued. “We keep an eye on our competing needs birdzpedia. We no longer act on that right-now feeling without considering long-term consequences. We have made a conscious decision to be consciously married.”