Is Erin Krakow married? The actor’s relationship status

Erin Krakow

Looking at Erin Krakow’s Instagram page, you’d think she is in a romantic relationship with Brendan Penny. However, you’d be mistaken – the couply photos are behind-the-scenes images from the pair’s April 2023 film The Wedding Cottage. Erin’s character, Vanessa, tries to convince Brendan’s character, Evan, to reopen a cottage he inherited from his grandparents. 

Erin Krakow is not married, nor is she in a relationship

Erin Krakow is not married. The secretive character is also not in a relationship. 

She was linked to her former When Calls the Heart co-star Daniel Lissing, but the romance rumors were false. In 2019, Daniel proposed to his partner Nadia, ending reports of a relationship with Erin. Daniel married Nadia in mid-2020. 

Daniel and Erin are friends. He told Entertainment Tonight that he would enjoy working with her again:

“About two or three years ago, I sent a big proposal to Hallmark pitching a Christmas movie with Erin and I in modern day, and they didn’t think it was the right time. Maybe it is now? I’d be totally open to it, hopefully Erin would be too.”

Erin was also linked with co-star Ben Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum and Erin are very close: in January 2023, the pair adopted a puppy named Willoughby. The couple announced the adoption on their Instagram pages. 

However, Ben and Erin aren’t dating. Reports about their romance are fan-made and unsupported by concrete evidence. 

Erin Krakow is single. If she is dating, she’s doing a super job keeping her relationship secret. However, it seems that Krakow’s focus is furthering her career. Erin told TV Fanatic she’s still invested in playing Elizabeth in When Calls The Heart 10 seasons after her debut. 

Krakow told Entertainment Tonight she looks forward to a future in directing or writing: “Producing has been really enjoyable for me on When Calls. And I would certainly be interested in exercising a new muscle with directing or maybe even writing someday. That’s something that is of interest to me, absolutely.”