Everett Byram’s death: The police’s involvement detailed

Everett Byram

Everett Byram, known as Rad Milk online, died in February 2023. Byram grew up in Arkansas, where he attended Arkansas Tech. After expulsion from the institution, Byram traveled to Los Angeles, hoping to make it as a comedian. He worked as a bartender while trying to establish himself in the entertainment industry. 

Byram, who was classically trained as a singer, succeeded. He established himself as a standup comedian and gained a sizable following online. 

The comedian famously recreated Kendall Jenner’s 2017 Pepsi commercial, in which she hands a soda to a police officer. “Have a Pepsi, dude!” Byram said as he walked towards officers during a BLM demonstration in Los Angeles. The officer declined and asked Byram to back up.

Everett Byram was shot dead by police after they responded to a domestic violence call at his residence

On 10th February 2023, Palmdale Sheriff Station police officers responded to a domestic violence call from the 37000 block of Oxford Drive, Lt. Patricia Thomas told the media

According to LASD officials, the police shot Byram as he moved towards them with an ‘edged weapon’. Byram was pronounced dead at a local hospital. 

Laurie Hendricks has started a GoFundMe page to support his wife Ursula and their one-year-old twins. The post also states that Everett had a son in Virginia. It continues:

“The suddenness of Everett’s passing has rocked the family. We ask for your help in trying to cover the cost of a funeral to celebrate his life and mourn his passing, and to help ease the transition as his wife and children move across the country to be closer to family. We so appreciate your support.”

Byram seems to have attracted a fair few critics during his career: among the condolence tweets are messages expressing indifference towards the comedian’s death.