What is Gabbie Hanna’s ethnicity? All about her parents

Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna’s name is synonymous with controversy. She recently raised concern for her wellbeing after posting 100 bizarre videos on TikTok before falling silent. A day after her last post, she told her followers that LAPD officers checked on her and left her a wellness card. 

“They sent 2 psych evaluation specialists who almost dragged me off to a hospital but luckily I’m smart, educated, kind, and brave,” she wrote on a TikTok video. In a subsequent video, she wrote: “THANK YOU OFFICERS, sincerely. And THANK YOU to everyone who called in concern.”

Hanna said she was being persecuted for exercising her free speech. 

Gabbie’s father is of Lebanese ethnicity, and her mother is French/Polish

Michelle and James Hanna
Michelle and James Hanna | michelle.v.hanna/Facebook

Gabbie Hanna was born on 7th February 1991 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, to James and Michelle Hanna. Gabbie’s father is Lebanese, and her mother is French/Polish. Michelle studied at Pennsylvania State University and is a certified massage therapist. 

Hanna told BuzzFeed News her parents were ‘incredibly young’ when they had her. Gabbie said her parents struggled to provide for the family and almost fell into homelessness several times. Hanna added she lives with the fear of homelessness:

“I have this fear that, OK, if I spend this much money here or if I make the wrong move, I’ll lose everything and I’ll have to sell my house and maybe I’ll be homeless again.”

Hanna was raised Catholic but disagrees with some aspects of the religion.