Who owns GamerSupps? The company’s ownership and controversies


With the astronomical rise of gaming and esports, companies like GamerSupps have developed supplements to help gamers play better and for longer. When GamerSupps launched its products, the gaming industry was nowhere near as large as it is today. Naturally, skeptics wondered whether the products would prove profitable. 

Several years later, the gaming supplements idea has proven to be a masterstroke, with many popular gamers using GamerSupps products and advertising them to their millions of followers. 

Key Points

  • Controversial content creator Jschlatt owns GamerSupps after purchasing the company in 2022. 
  • CEO and founder Eric Frayman and Director of Partnerships Chad Armstrong were accused of neglecting to pay collaborators. 
  • GamerSupps continues growing despite health concerns about its products. 

Popular streamer Jschlatt acquired GamerSupps in late May 2022

Popular and controversial streamer Jschlatt acquired GamerSupps in late May 2022. The announcement was made via the jschlatt updates Twitter account:

“Schlatt is sponsored by and now owns GamerSupps! You can support by using his code and getting 10% off any product.”

Jschlatt is an American streamer who launched his online career in 2013. He gained fame playing Minecraft on the JschlattLIVE YouTube channel. 


Jschlatt is a controversial character, to say the least. He’s been accused of racism, transphobia, islamophobia, and sexual misconduct. Yet, despite numerous attempts to cancel him, Jschlatt’s popularity and following continue to rise. 

His loyal followers opine that Jschlatt’s rudeness forms part of his ‘persona,’ per a June 2021 article by Yahoo News. Jschlatt’s survival of numerous cancellation attempts has made him immune to cancellation, earning him the title ‘uncancellable.’ 

GamerSupps’ CEO was accused of stealing marketing ideas from content creators

In late January 2021, content creator IceRocker posted a thread detailing her unpleasant experiences with GamerSupps’ executives. She accused the CEO and founder Eric Frayman and the Director of Partnerships Chad Armstrong of using her marketing ideas without compensating her. 

IceRocker wrote that she jumped at the idea of working at GamerSupps, but soon discovered that she had made the wrong decision. She claimed that the company sold products she’d worked on without informing or paying her. IceRocker wrote:

“I was mid-stream when I found out that my shakers had gone live for their black friday sale. No announcement. No message.”

She investigated GamerSupps and found that the company had a habit of refusing to pay collaborators. “Turns out a lot of folks had no way of getting paid,” she wrote. “They simply were kept happy with a few samples and occasional tubs. And most of them were also starting to question things.”

Frustrated with GamerSupps’ refusal to honor their agreement, IceRocker ended relations with the supplements manufacturer. 


To her surprise and dismay, GamerSupps continued selling products featuring her designs. “Same words and extremely same font used in part,” IceRocker wrote. “I was livid. Not even half a year. He [Eric] just told me that they aren’t the same design. He likes the design because it’s funny.”

IceRocker urged people to stop supporting the ‘predatory company.’ She wrote:

“So. Stop supporting this predatory company. Stop letting these companies use YOU and YOUR reach YOUR brand for their own selfish gain. You don’t need them. but THEY NEED YOU. False partnerships PLAGUE this industry. This interaction forever altered how I work with brands.”

Experts have warned people against the consumption of gaming supplements

GamerSupps products give the body a caffeine boost, allowing someone to stay alert for a while longer. Experts have expressed concern about the excessive consumption of caffeine by young people. 

“Caffeine’s never been recommended for young people,” Evelyn Volders, a nutrition and dietetics expert, told The New Daily. “It’s not a food that we think they should consume as it’s usually associated with foods that don’t have much nutritional value.”

Volders warned that some of the products ‘can be dangerous.’ “Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to insomnia, nervousness, headaches, tachycardia, arrhythmia and nausea,” Dr. Tony Bartone said. 

Despite the warnings, GamerSupps has continued growing, with many gamers swearing by the company’s products.