Is George Krissa gay? His sexuality and love life

George Krissa

George Krissa and Jonathan Bennett made history by starring in Hallmark’s first-ever holiday rom-com centered on a gay couple. In the film, workaholic bachelor Sam (Bennett) reluctantly agrees to babysit his nephew and niece when his sister and her husband leave town to witness the birth of a child they are adopting. 

Unfortunately, Sam is useless at babysitting – the last time he watched the kids, he caused a kitchen fire. Help comes from Jason (Krissa), a handsome neighbor trying to adopt a child. Sam and Jason gradually develop romantic feelings for each other. 

George Krissa is gay and in a relationship with his long-term partner Bri Waters

Bri Waters and George Krissa

Jonathan Bennett developed the idea for The Holiday Sitter in 2019. As an executive producer, he controlled all aspects of the film, including the casting for essential roles. Bennett’s primary requisite for Jason’s actor was being gay. 

“It’s was important that the actor was openly gay and out; it was important to me that we were able to tell the story loud and proud,” Bennett told NBC News

George Krissa was the perfect candidate for the role – he’s been openly gay for years and is a skilled actor. Bennett told Media Village that Krissa’s performance was exceptional:

“We have some of the best chemistry I’ve seen on Hallmark. Every day while filming it was the first queer-meet-cute, the first queer falling in love scene, the first queer big kiss. What we were about to do was never lost on us, [nor] that so many people were going to see it and feel seen.”

Krissa told Here & Queer that he would have loved to see films like The Holiday Sitter as a kid, as it would have helped him come to terms with his sexuality much faster. 

In real life, George is dating his long-term partner Bri Waters. George and Bri have been together for over five years and could be headed for marriage. Waters captioned a 26th October 2022 photo of him and Krissa:

“It’s been a very crazy week. This man is a rockstar and I’m going to marry him (one day…).”