Is Graham Parkhurst gay? The actor’s coming out journey

Graham Parkhurst

Graham Parkhurst was excited and petrified when he joined the cast of Glamorous as Parker, a character who ‘symbolizes gay male perfection’. “I was half thrilled and fully terrified [when he booked the role],” Parkhurst told Queerty. “A character description like that can be seen as a setup for ridicule.”

Graham Parkhurst is gay; he seems single

Graham Parkhurst is gay and doesn’t seem to be dating. There’s no evidence on social media or in interviews of Parkhurst being in a relationship. 

Parkhurst talked to Queerty about his coming out journey, describing himself as ‘a scared, closeted teenager’. The actor said Jay Brannan’s goddamned album inspired him to embrace his sexuality. “When I was in my first year of college, my roommate (who later became my first partner) listened to it all the time,” Parkhurst said. 

“When I did finally come to terms with my sexuality, I found Jay’s lyrics to be comforting and more representative of my personal experiences up until that point. Then I watched him in the film Shortbus… if you know, you know,” he added. 

Parkhurst is based in Toronto, a city with a vibrant and welcoming queer scene. The actor explained: “Every neighborhood has unique gay bars and patrons, so there’s never a lack of things to do or people to meet. I also find the queer community in Toronto to be welcoming and supportive — but that’s just my personal experience.”