Who is Achraf Hakimi’s father? Hasan Hakimi’s struggles and sacrifices

Achraf Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi’s mother, Saida Mouh, is trending as he technically owns Achraf Hakimi’s wealth. Divorce proceedings between Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk allegedly revealed that Achraf, one of the highest-paid African footballers, keeps his health under his mom’s name. The move protects his fortune – said to be around $24 million – against division during divorce proceedings. 

Hakimi’s father supported his decision to play for Morocco and not Spain

Achraf Hakimi parents

Achraf Hakimi was born on 4th November 1998 to Moroccan immigrants Hasan Hakimi and Saida Mouh. The footballer grew up alongside his siblings Nabil and Widad. 

Hasan and Saida raised their children in Getafe, where Achraf started playing football. Achraf proved he was talented enough to play international football. He joined the Spanish youth setup, hoping to rise the ranks and play for the national team. 

However, something mysterious happened while Achraf played for the under-19s, prompting his decision to switch allegiances. Hasan told Cadena SER:

“As soon as he left, he said he doesn’t like it. At this time he was already going to Morocco a lot. He leaves and says ‘I’m not coming back’. I don’t know what happened. He said ‘I don’t like it’.”

Hasan said he appreciated Spain for giving the family a home, but he supported Achraf’s decision to play for Morocco: “I give my son freedom. I thank Spain for everything, I have never said anything bad about Spain. But I prefer that he plays with Morocco.”

Achraf’s father sacrificed a lot to ensure his son played top-level football

Hasan worked as a street vendor while Saida cleaned houses. They made little, but it was enough to feed the family and keep Achraf in a football academy. 

After Achraf scored the goal that knocked Spain out of the 2022 World Cup, Hasan talked to Maghrib Foot about the sacrifices he made to ensure Achraf got the opportunity to play on the grandest stage. Hasan stated:

“I want to tell all the parents that in Europe nothing is free. When Achraf arrived in Madrid, I had to take him everyday at 4.30 pm and I used to come back home at 9.30 pm, I drove 50 km to the training camp and 50 km back to our house.”

Hasan tearfully advised parents to make sacrifices for their children’s success. “My message to the parents is to make sacrifices if they want their kids to succeed, I thank God for everything because the sacrifices that I made led to a positive outcome,” Hasan stated. 

“Achraf’s success makes me proud, especially when I meet people, who tell me that he is a role model for all the Arabs and the Moroccans,” he added.