Heather Land’s health — Her hair loss explained

Heather Land

Heather hadn’t considered a career in comedy until her friends advised her to post short comedic videos on social media in 2017. Heather went viral when a clip mocking CrossFit gained over twenty million views. 

With her infectious southern charm, Land capitalized on her instant fame – by the end of 2018, she was on a stand-up comedy tour. Heather gained more fame via her books I Ain’t Doing It and A Perfect 10: The Truth About Things I’m Not and Never Will Be

Heather is not sick, but she had to shave her hair after it started thinning

Heather Land

Recent social media posts by Heather have raised concerns about her health. You have nothing to be worried about as Heather isn’t sick: she shaved her hair because it started thinning. 

In July 2022, Heather posted a video on social media titled Why I Shaved My Head. Heather described her hair loss as traumatizing:

“It’s been very traumatizing and very personal and very private and very shameful for me. Now that I’m just a little bit on the other side of it it felt like it was time to share. For the past few months, about probably six or eight months, I’ve been experiencing hair loss. A lot of hair loss.”

Heather said she’d noticed changes in hair texture all over her head. She suspected that hair extensions had caused hair thinning on the sides of her head but opined that they couldn’t have caused hair loss on the top of her head. 

Heather said she started noticing the changes in her hair after recovering from COVID-19, so she surmised that the disease contributed to the hair loss. She told fans that she was undergoing medical examinations but assured them that she wasn’t sick:

“I’m in the process of finding out the reason with my doctor right now. I want you to know that I’m really grateful that I’m not sick. My hair loss is not because of anything else that I know of. But I will say that it’s still been really traumatizing.”

Heather seems to have gotten used to her new look

Heather told fans that listening to influencers who’d experienced hair loss helped her adjust to her new reality. She said she felt ugly and helpless as her hair fell out: “I had felt like, I’m watching this thing fall away from me, I’m watching my hair fall out gradually, and I have no control.”

Heather said she was not a fan of wigs, so it took a long time to find the style that worked for her. She explained:

“I knew this was going to be a process while I figured out what worked for me, and I found a few that I was like, OK, that looks like me, it feels right on my head, it feels great. I actually feel like myself again.”

Heather is comfortable with her shaved head or wearing a wig. “These days my OOTD dilemmas are about wig v no wig,” She captioned an early 2023 Instagram post. “It’s taking time to get used to. Judge me if you want. I don’t care. I’m not trying to be a fashion influencer. I’m just a bald girl who loves her new shoes.”

As is the norm, Heather sees the funny side in every situation. In early August 2022, she posted a video on Instagram detailing people’s reactions to her new look. Heather joked that her son had compared her head to a peanut m&m, and a child at Target had asked her whether she was Gru of Despicable Me