Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between: the ending, explained

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

The latest Netflix addition is a different take on the age-old story of teenage love. Fallen for each other, Clare and Aiden decide to date for 10 months and end things off in an epic breakup night which doesn’t go according to plan.

The film was pretty straightforward with an over-the-top plot, but the ending has got viewers pondering some unanswered questions. 

Caution: Major spoilers ahead!

Clare and Aiden agree to a breakup pact 

The film starts with Clare (Talia Ryder) meeting Aiden (Jordan Fisher) at a Halloween party where they begin to bond. After the party, Clare reveals that she had moved out of town and been to 3 schools across 2 states, which is why she is not keen on making friends. She also has plans to study law. 

Aiden, on the other hand, reveals his dream of attending the renowned Berklee College of music although his parents, both doctors want him to pursue medicine. 

Later, Aiden tries to kiss Clare, but she refuses to say she doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship and break any hearts after graduation. She also reveals that her mom had married her high school sweetheart, but now they are divorced; a mistake she doesn’t want to make. 

Aiden suggests they date for 10 months and then part ways, naming it a breakup pact to which Clare agrees. 

After 10 months, the couple prepares for the breakup night

The film pans fast during the 10 months giving a happily ever after vibe until their last date. 

They all have a family dinner with their parents where Aiden reveals that he had planned to go to pre-med to follow his parents’ dreams, letting go of his Berkeley dream. 

During the breakup date, Aiden tries his best to entice Clare. He took her to a concert where a band performed the same song Aiden sang to Clare during their first date. He takes her to the ice hockey ring where they had their first fight, and they go on a boat ride. In the boat, Aiden gifts Clare a rocket with the words ‘Easy breezy’, a reminder of the first response given by Clare when Aiden had professed his love. He then takes her to the restaurant where they spent their first Valentine together.

Clare continues to have an internal struggle

Unable to fight her insecurities and complicated feelings, Clare texts her friend Stella (Ayo Edebiri) to come to pick her up soon. When Stella arrives, Aiden appears in a tuxedo to recreate the prom night. However, Clare finds a way to not go through with the date and she asks her friend Scotty (Nico Hiraga) to join them for dinner. 

Instead of going to the prom, they all speak to the school to perform a missed parting ritual. At school, Aiden asks Clare about what she wants instead of sticking to her plans. However, before she answers the school alarm rings and they run from the school. Aiden injures his hand while jumping from the fence and they go to the hospital. 

At the hospital, Aiden’s mother tells Clare that Aiden didn’t get into Berklee and the only thing that kept him going was Clare being around.

Clare then confronts Aiden about not telling her this news while Aiden simply says that there was nothing to talk about. 

The couple has a fight 

At the party, Aiden cuts the music and gives a speech about endings and beginnings while inviting Clare to dance to their Halloween song. Clare doesn’t participate.

Later, they openly share their frustrations, and a fight ensues, visibly ending their relationship. A distraught Clare is consoled by her mother. 

“A relationship doesn’t have a shot in hell if you plan its end before it starts,” her mom says.

Later, Clare texts Aiden to meet her for the last time. She finally accepts her insecurities and for the first time openly admits her love for Aiden.

Did the couple break up?

The couple decides to part ways but remains close to each other. Aiden moves to Los Angeles to produce songs while Clare goes to college. The film fast forwards by a year to show their lives happily progressing. 

Clare and Aiden come home during the summer, and they meet each other again, ending the film. 

Based on the ending it is safe to say that they parted ways and possibly decided to remain friends. 

The film attempts to paint a new picture of teenage love but fails to deliver as a whole with a weak plot. The acting, however, is a far cry from the plot where this film can amount to a mediocre high school romcom.