How did Allan Haozous die? The legendary sculptor’s death explained

Allan Haozous

Google recently honored painter and sculptor Allan Haozous (Houser) via a doodle illustrated by Lynnette Haozous. Allan crafted his most prominent works after retiring from teaching. He worked in wood, stone, and bronze out of his family’s compound in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. President George Bush awarded Allan with the National Medal of Arts in 1992. 

Allan Haozous died at age 80 of colon cancer at his Santa Fe home

Allan Haozous died of colon cancer in late August 1994. He was survived by his wife, Anna Marie, and five sons. 

He said in 1991 that experimentation was vital to his craft. “It’s what keeps you alive,” Allan said. “I’d get bored if I did the same thing all the time.”