How did Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandma die? Her passing detailed

Jeffrey Dahmer

After Jeffrey Dahmer’s discharge from the Army, he spent several months in Florida before returning to his father’s house in Ohio. Try as he might, Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey’s father, couldn’t wean Jeffrey off his alcohol dependency. Therefore, Lionel sent Jeffrey to live with the only person he seemed to care about: his grandmother, Catherine Jemima Hughes. Lionel told The Milwaukee Sentinel:

“He’d be in a bar and get in trouble, and I’d have to go find him. This was probably very wrong to do, but I didn’t have the wisdom to do anything differently, and we sent him to his grandmother’s to live there. A new scene. They loved each other, and he’d help her with the chores.”

Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother likely died due to old age

Jeffrey Dahmer responded well to the move to his grandmother’s house in West Allis, Wisconsin. Though Dahmer continued to drink and smoke, he accompanied Catherine to church, sought employment, and willingly undertook chores. 

Bar a couple of arrests for indecent exposure and lewd behavior, Jeffrey enjoyed a relatively blissful life in West Allis. However, everything changed when he killed Steven Tuomi at Ambassador Hotel and transported his body to his grandmother’s house, where he dismembered it. 

With his taste for murder reignited, Dahmer started disobeying his grandmother’s rules. His depravity was indelibly linked to a twisted form of lust, so he couldn’t resist bringing male companions home. Catherine, who’d tried to connect Jeffrey with several ladies, was dejected when she found him with a man in the basement. 

Hughes had tolerated Jeffrey’s drinking and smoking but couldn’t stand Jeffrey’s associations with men. Having taken out the trash, Catherine couldn’t determine the source of an awful smell emanating from her garage and basement. She didn’t know Jeffrey was killing, dismembering, and dissolving men in her household. 

Dahmer eventually left and committed more murders. She learned of his activities in her residence after Jeffrey’s arrest. “I loved him very much,” Catherine said in 1991. “He would do anything for me.”

Aged 88, Catherine died on 25th December 1992 and was buried in Highland Memorial Park. Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother died due to natural causes.