How did Kelly Bills’ wife die? Her underlying heart condition

Kelly Bills' wife

Kelly Bills is a celebrated college football coach. He’s yet to head a college football program, but he’s considered an exceptional offensive coach. Working as the quarterbacks coach at Weber State, Kelly led the team to their best season ever. Before joining Weber State, Kelly was the offensive assistant coach at Utah State. 

In 2019, he became the offensive coordinator for Central Washington’s Wildcats. A year later, he picked up a similar role at Dixie State. 

In September 2022, Kelly and the football world mourned the death of his wife, Emily Bills. 

Kelly Bills’ wife died of a heart condition discovered weeks before her death

For a while, the details about Emily Bills’ death were kept under wraps. In March 2023, Kelly discussed his wife’s sudden passing. 

In an interview on The Jimmy Rex Show, Kelly said that he and Emily went to sleep with their three-year-old son while visiting the couple’s childhood home. Kelly said he woke up at 7:30 a.m. wondering why Emily hadn’t risen, despite the constant cry of her alarm. 

The college football coach said he felt an ‘electrical shock through his body’ after finding Emily unresponsive. Kelly performed CPR on Emily despite knowing that ‘she was gone’. 

Kelly revealed that Emily died due to a heart condition discovered three weeks before her passing. He added that doctors had stumbled upon two genetic mutations Emily had since birth.

“Unfortunately, they were related to heart arrhythmia,” Kelly said. “We had no idea; there were no signs. She literally closed her eyes and didn’t wake up.”

Emily left behind a huge family, including her three children: Brooks, Cooper, and the three-year-old Jace. During his interview on The Jimmy Rex Show, Kelly spoke about his regrets:

“I cannot even fathom moving on,” Kelly said. “That feeling – I will never forget. You remember those times when you were a little short and it just crushes you that you were maybe too arrogant or too prideful to just shut up and just serve and just love and get up over any feud you may be having. It’s just not worth it.”