How did Audrina Patridge’s niece Sadie Loza die? Start Here

Sadie Loza

Sadie Loza, actress Audrina Patridge’s niece, died on 14th February 2023, days after the family celebrated her 15th birthday. On 5th February 2023, Casey Loza, Sadie’s mother, posted a video of friends and family wishing the smiling Sadie a happy birthday as she held a cake decorated with candles. 

Sadie Loza’s cause of death remains a mystery

The details surrounding Sadie Loza’s death are unclear. A day after Sadie’s death, Casey posted a lengthy Instagram tribute stating that her daughter wasn’t dead – she’d merely morphed into another form. Casey wrote:

“Sadie liked to remind me that the first law of thermodynamics aka (Law of Conservation of Energy) works in all spheres of life…..”Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”. Transformation is a better word than death.”

Casey perhaps provided a hint about Sadie’s death by writing that ‘her story will save countless lives’. However, the statement is too vague to support a credible theory about Sadie’s passing. 

Thousands of condolence messages filled the comments sections of Casey and Audrina’s posts.