How did Thuy Trang die? Her sad passing

Thuy Trang

In the aftermath of Jason David Frank’s passing, we look at another original Power Ranger who died in tragic circumstances, Thuy Trang. Following a tough childhood in Asia, Trang immigrated to the United States. She switched her focus from civil engineering to acting after a talent scout spotted her. 

Trang beat about 500 actresses to the role of the original Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Thuy starred in the entire first season and left midway through the second season due to contractual and payment disputes. 

Trang’s controversial exit from the series didn’t taint her legacy: she’s still one of the most beloved actors from the show. 

Thuy Trang died from injuries sustained in a grizzly car accident

On 3rd September 2001, Thuy and two of her friends were involved in a nasty accident after the driver of their vehicle lost control and swerved into a roadside rock face, flipping several times. Thuy’s friends survived the crash, but she didn’t.

Thuy Trang died from internal injuries sustained in the accident. Trang’s body was cremated on 10th September 2001. It’s unclear whether her ashes were scattered or buried at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California. 

To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, the cast shared memories of Thuy Trang. Walter Emanuel Jones, the original Black Ranger, said of Trang: “It hurt my heart to lose her. She was way too young and had so much more to share with the world. … Her energy drew you in, and her smile made your heart feel safe.”

Jason David Frank couldn’t attend Trang’s memorial as her death coincided with his brother’s passing. Frank remembered Trang’s dedication to acting:

“I remember Thuy was always getting hurt on set. She put her all into the scenes, so sometimes things happen. I especially remember her having to be carried around a lot due to getting hurt. She was always so positive and gave her all. I’ll always remember that about her.”

David Yost, the Blue Ranger, said he received the news about Trang’s death from Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson. Yost said he called Thuy’s voicemail to hear her voice and to leave a message saying he’d miss her. He continued:

“Learning about her early childhood and everything she and her family went through leaving Vietnam, becoming refugees and immigrating to the United States, I admired her and her family’s strength to rebuild their lives here.”