How did Tracy Brown Bering die? Her untimely passing

Tracy Brown Bering

Lifetime’s Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias concludes with the following message: ‘In loving memory of Tracy Brown Bering’. Tracy Brown’s death in early December 2022 flew under the radar, so most people following Jodi Arias’ story didn’t learn about the passing. Her death announcement at the end of the true-crime thriller surprised many viewers. 

Enamored by Jodi’s beauty and charm, Tracy was lured into the murderer’s web of deceit. Tracy got attached to Jodi in the five months they shared a cell at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona. She was one of Jodi’s fiercest defenders before she realized that her former cellmate was a master manipulator. 

Tracy overdosed on pills following a prolonged battle with depression

Yolanda Ducharme, Tracy Brown’s mother, announced Tracy’s death on 3rd December 2022, writing on Facebook: “My daughter Tracy passed away today. Please pray for our family.”

Yolanda added: “Depression took her; I couldn’t fix her. Tracy, I miss you. I love you. Depression took you away from us. I try to get through the day. I try to understand but I’m not sure I ever will. I love you baby girl, may your soul rest peacefully.”

Tracy suffered from clinical depression exacerbated by her wife’s illness and the hate she received from Jodi Arias’ followers. Tracy’s wife, Donovan Bering, also a Jodi Arias victim, is battling cancer. 

Tracy’s sister, Crystal Rider told Understanding Crime that Donovan pushed Tracy to suicide. Rider claimed that Tracy overdosed on pills after a fight with Donovan. Rider said:

“Donovan knew my sister was going to commit suicide she admitted it to family and detectives. Donovan threatened my mother that she was going to make my mom’s life a living hell, simply because my mother was contacting the coroner and detectives.”

She alleged that the family has no respect for Donovan following ‘decades of hate, pain, and lies’. On the outside, it seemed like Donovan and Tracy had a loving relationship. In late November 2022, Tracy wrote on Facebook:

“Happy Thanksgiving to all of my loved ones and especially to my amazing wife who has more than stepped up to the plate while I’ve been down even though she just had cancer surgery. She is the best wife ever, Donovan Bering. I love you oh so much and I really do appreciate everything you do!!!”

Tracy Brown got Jodi’ name tattooed on her because she thought Jodi wanted to kill herself

Tracy viewed Jodi as the perfect cellmate – she was clean and respectful. Furthermore, Jodi had the voice of an angel. “She would sing to me every night while we were incarcerated together,” Tracy said on Jodi Arias: Cellmate Secrets

That’s why Tracy got a tattoo of a bird alongside a musical note. Jodi, the tattooist, inked her name inside the bird. Tracy agreed to have Jodi’s name tattooed on her because Jodi told her she was planning to kill herself. Tracy explained:

“I agreed to let Jodi put her name on my leg because I was convinced she was going to kill herself. I wanted something to remember this friend that I had gotten so close to in such a short time by.”

Tracy later concluded that Jodi likely lied about intending to commit suicide. Donovan Bering shared a cell with Jodi for six months in the Maricopa County Jail. Donovan and Tracy met at Estrella, where they began dating. 

After leaving prison, Donovan took over Jodi’s social media accounts. She defended Jodi while attacking the prosecutor and the media. In April 2013, Donovan told ABC the media were biased against Jodi:

“I find it really hard to believe what happened, knowing her. Never, ever have I see her raise her voice, seen her yell, seen her do anything. So when I’m sitting there in court, it blows me away because I’m sitting there knowing the person that I know, seeing her and talking to her and seeing how much compassion she has.”

The couple’s perception of Jodi changed when Donovan started speaking to Jodi’ mother. “She [Jodi] didn’t really care about anything or anyone but herself,” Donovan told Heavy. “You crossed her in any way, and you suffered. She didn’t know what a true friend was, only someone to use to get what she wanted.”