How to Add Someone to a Photo of a TV Show Character

How to Add Someone to a Photo of a TV Show Character

Are you or your friend a big fan of a TV show? Then why don’t you join the cast and show the cool picture to others or surprise your buddy with an unusual gift? Don’t worry – you can do it quickly and easily with a face swapper! Such a tool can help you seamlessly replace one person with another in a picture. In this post, we’re going to share some useful tips to help you with this. You’ll also learn how to create a photo montage using Photoshop. 

But the technique we’ll be talking about should never be used to deceive or manipulate others – we strongly recommend using this only for harmless fun. Now let’s begin!

Tips to Add a Person to a Photo

There are some common mistakes that people make when face-swapping in an image. The tips below will help you avoid the pitfalls with no hassle even with little experience in photo montage.

1. Consider the concept first. Before searching for images, it’s better to decide whether you want a funny picture or a seamless photo montage that nobody notices.

2. Both pictures you are going to use should be of similar size and resolution.

3. For better results, you need to use a lesser-known picture of the celebrity. Otherwise, they will see it’s fake immediately.

4. Choose a picture of yourself or your friend that showcases the same pose and has similar lighting – then the face swap will look more realistic.

5. You should also take into account the perspective in the chosen pictures. The overlayed image has to align with the environment and proportions of the original photo. This helps in creating a natural and realistic integration.

6. Use a photo editor that provides you with all the necessary tools. It should let you easily select desired areas with precision and save the final result without quality loss. Besides, you might need to apply a filter or use auto-correction to merge pictures seamlessly, so make sure the selected program offers such features.   Open this guide on face swap software to find some of the best options and detailed instructions for how to use them.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

Now it’s time to get down to work. Let’s see how to do a face swap using one of the most popular photo editors – Photoshop. The program offers a variety of selection tools that allow you to achieve realistic results. However, Adobe products are rather costly and difficult to use in comparison to other software. If you don’t mind that, follow the steps below to add someone to a picture with a celebrity. 

Step 1. Upload Your Pictures

To import the needed images, launch the software, go to File, and click Open to navigate to the files. However, Adobe products are rather costly and difficult to use in comparison to other software,  Adobe Express edit photo is free and available online to use. 

Step 2. Cut Out the Face of the Person

Now you need to use the selection tool to carefully select the person from the original image. This can be done using tools like the Object Selection Tool or the Quick Selection Tool, depending on the version of Photoshop you are using. Once you select the person, cut them out from the picture. This will create a separate layer with the person on it.

Step 3. Add the Person to the Image 

Open the photo with a series character. Drag the layer containing the cut-out person onto the background image. For a better result, you should adjust the size and position of the layer using the transformation tools.

Step 4. Export the Finished Picture

When you’re done, click File and select Save As to export the new image to the desired folder. 


Now you know how you can add yourself or your best friend to a photo with their favorite celebrity or even recreate a scene from a TV show using Photoshop. You’ve learned how to do it with this popular face swap software and discovered a mouthful of useful tips for making the photo montage like a pro. So, it’s time to try it yourself – run the software you prefer and get started right away!