Hulu’s Deep Water Parents Guide — Why is it inappropriate for the younger audience?

Deep Water

Deep Water will twist your reality and wring out all inhibitions! Ben Affleck as Vic reminds us all why he still is Ben Affleck! Ana de Armas as Melinda twists and turns the story into a psychological thriller where you just cannot tell which way is up and which is down. Vic lives with the blatant licentious ways of his wife and continue to love her by getting rid of her lovers – literally by killing them.

Parental Ranting

This is an R-rated movie for nudity, sexual content, substance use, language and violence. This movie is inappropriate for any audience under the age of 17. The theme of the movie is based on violent murders and scenes of raw sexual exaggeration.


The characters use a lot of strong language with s* and f* being very frequent. The general tone of language and address is often crass and derogatory.


Melinda drank a lot and there were many scenes where she talked about and came home completely inebriated. There are scenes of parties where everyone is drinking while dancing and swimming in the pool. There is also a disturbing scene where Vic is getting his young child, Trixie, drunk as well.


Vic is alleged to murder all the men whom his wife flirts and sleeps with. The movie showcases the murders as trophy scenes. Vic is seen drowning another man in a pool and then carry another one dead, into the river. Vic has aggressive confrontations and suggestive conversations of violence with other characters through the movie.

Nudity and Sexual Content

The movie is highly inappropriate for younger audience due to the blatant exaggerated sexual content. There is constant conversation revolving around sex. Graphic scenes show Melinda having sex in cars, in secret and with many different men!

Several graphic scenes pop in and out where there is nudity and sexual content. Melinda is seen topless walking around the house while the babysitter is seen standing uncomfortable in this situation. Later she is seen naked on her bed as Vic come into the bedroom. She shuffles through many scenes where she initiates sex and its many variations!

Not a fun time watch – although Ben Affleck remains the star of the movie with his brooding confident violence. If a slight bitter aftertaste is something you enjoy, you will enjoy being wound around the finger of an Italian donna all the while a slug nurturing control maniac stretches and kills his weaker enemies. Word of caution, just make sure the kids are asleep or at a sleepover!