Hulu’s Fresh Parents Guide — Why would you want to keep your kids away?

Hulu's Fresh

If there was any topping Hannibal, Fresh is it! It is rapid, grotesque and oddly poetic in its execution. Steve (Sebastian Stan) and Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) get knotted up in a strange romance surrounded by – well, fresh meat! The story unfolds with a dashing man roping in a woman who is pretty much all alone in the world. Their romance takes them away to a cottage where he turns out to be a surgeon who sells women’s meat to satisfy a clientele with an all consuming fetish. Wicked! Isn’t it?

Parental Rating

This movie has been rated R for disturbing scenes of intense violence. Audience under 17 are strictly not advised to watch this movie.

The movie is based on a theme of cannibalism. Brutal murders, dismemberment, sexual content, substance abuse and strong language.

Why would you want to keep your kids away?

Human Suffering – Cannibalism:

The plot is based around a man imprisoning women and gradually cutting of their body parts to sell as meat for consumption. The depiction is not masked and is clear from the dialogues and the scenes showing frozen and fresh human body parts.

The movie has continuous conversations, references and imagery of dismemberment and shows people eating meat in a most delighted manner, what is projected as, human flesh. The final scenes of the movie showcase detailed conversations about how the meat has been prepared, who it came from and how it tastes.

Nudity and Sexual content:

There are detailed scenes where Steve and Noa make out and have s*x. There scenes where Steve’s wife strips to take a shower and takes of her prosthetic leg with that. Several scenes follow these where there are conversations and scenes of s*x and intimacy.

Substance Abuse:

Steve drugs Noa and then admits to doing the same – the scene shows Noa slowly getting groggy and finally losing consciousness. Immoderate use of alcohol and chats about getting drunk are frequent in the movie along with scenes shot in bars.

Graphic imagery:

The theme of the movie is around imprisonment and cannibalism. Consequently, the depiction is very graphic. Anything you could possibly imagine is blatantly showcased! There are scenes where Steve is dancing to pop music with a woman’s dismembered leg in his hand. He is then shown to chopping and packing off the meat in boxes with their belongings to help the clients feel closer to their meat.

Aggression and violence:

There are scenes where Steve hits Noa and other prisoners violently. The final scene of the movie show Noa biting off Steve’s pen*s and running away to save herself. It is followed by violent scenes where the imprisoned women beat Steve and finally shot him to death in the most disturbing manner. Finally, closing the movie at stabbing and killing his wife with a set of keys and a shovel.

Strong Language:

The language used is crass and repeatedly suggestive. The characters swear a lot with drastically colorful language imaginable in spite and anger. Repeated use of curse words and innuendos flow through the whole movie.

Engaging, thrilling and nerve racking to the extent that you would not want to munch anything with movie. But, a night in with this film will have you cringing yet hooked till the very end. The twits an turns of the plot will leave you with a few fingernails less! Enjoy – but best leave the family sit in out of it – not advisable for a family watch by any lengths.