Hunter Moore’s parents — The story of an unruly child

Hunter Moore

Hunter Moore was the creator of a website that posted nude photos of celebrities, mothers, the daughter of a major GOP donor, and an American Idol finalist, among others – all in a 16-month period in which the name ‘revenge porn’ went from obscurity to mainstream recognition. 

Moore was unapologetic about it, replying to cease-and-desist letters with a condescending ‘LOL’. Media houses labeled Hunter The Most Hated Man on the Internet, which is also the title of a Netflix documentary detailing the trauma his victims underwent. 

Hunter Moore’s mother claims her son was a rebellious child

Hunter Moore was born on 9th March 1986 in Woodland, California. His father named him Hunter after his favorite pastime, hunting. Moore’s parents left him their California residence after retiring and moving to a property in Idaho near a hunting preserve, 

Moore’s mom, Jeanette, sounded ‘both surprisingly sane and unsurprisingly baffled by her son’s career,’ Rolling Stone reported. She said that the day of Hunter’s birth, there was such a violent storm that it ripped the door of a property they owned at the time. 

The storm foreshadowed Hunter’s erratic and rebellious behavior. Despite having a ‘normal’ upbringing, Moore was an unruly child. His parents’ attempts to intimidate him into obedience failed. Rolling Stone wrote:

“You could tell him he had to wear pants, and he’d hide under his bed. You could forbid him to get a tattoo, and he’d get your face inked on his arm. But then again, he could be so sweet, so funny, so full of charisma.”

“Unless you have a kid like this, you couldn’t understand,” Jeanette added. Jeanette said she hoped ‘this crazy life warps into something else.”

Moore dropped out of school and was inspired by his sister to start his website

Hunter Moore was expelled from Woodland Christian School as a child and dropped out of the education system when he was thirteen.

Despite his incomplete education, Moore attracted the elite, hosting sex parties in New York that catered to middle-aged white businessmen. His sister intervened and purchased him the domain, which was initially a nightclub review website before it morphed into pornographic content. 

“I just didn’t think I needed school,” The Daily Beast reported. “Now I do because I’m kind of retarted.”

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