Hyderabadi Delights At SS Hyderabad Biryani Restaurant In Coimbatore

Hyderabadi Delights At SS Hyderabad Biryani Restaurant In Coimbatore

Being in Hyderabad you will find countless biryani restaurants at every corner and lane of the city. But do you need help to explore a restaurant offering more than Biryani? Then we have got you covered. Here, we will talk about one of the most recognised restaurants in Hyderabad, namely SS Hyderabad Biryani Coimbatore. This restaurant’s menu is everything that any non-veg lover will ever crave. Scroll below to learn about everything that you can spot and order online. 

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

What do you hear first in the name of Hyderabad? Is it the name of Hyderabadi biryani? Well, it is evident with the name of the delicious Hyderabadi biryani that makes itself popular not only in the city or country but throughout the world. This magic can be experienced with the biryani of SS Hyderabad biryani Coimbatore. Here, you will experience a culinary experience of aromatic flavours and drooling biryani colours. Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani, Chicken DUM Exec BIRYANI, Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biryani, Kaada Biryani, etc., are among some of the mouth-watering dishes to try here. 

Chicken Dry And Gravy

Since it is about SS Hyderabad biryani Coimbatore, non-vegetarian food has to be the pioneer here. Considering this, the restaurant owns a whole big section dedicated to chicken. Visit online and you will find a list of varieties like Chettinadu Chicken, Chicken 65, Chicken Fry, Chicken Lollypop, Chicken Varutha Curry, Hyderabadi Butter Chicken Masala, and countless more. Every Indian to international cuisine for chicken can be spotted right here. Moreover, these options give you the flexibility to choose starters as well as a main course of chicken. 

Mutton Dry And Gravy

Being in Hyderabad, what did you have if you did not have mutton? This is why the SS Hyderabad biryani in Coimbatore is a house of some of the craziest mutton dishes. From starters to the main course to some snacking choices, ask anything, and you will have it here. The menu list of this restaurant particularly includes Mutton Varutha Curry, Hyderabadi Special Mutton (4 Pcs) (gravy) (bone), Mutton Chettinadu (gravy) (4 Pcs) (bone), Mutton Chukka (boneless), Mutton Fry (4 Pcs) (bone), Mutton Pepper Fry (dry), Mutton Rogan Josh, Ss Special Mutton Gravy, and a lot more. Experience the essence of the spiciness, tenderness, and flavours of mutton right here. 

Seafoods Dry And Gravy

Seafood cannot be underestimated when it comes to food for non-vegetarian food lovers. After all, in India, and especially in Hyderabad, seafood is another mandate to savour. Visit online at SS Hyderabad Biryani in Coimbatore and explore a culinary cuisine of drooling dishes like Fish Masala, Fish Fry, Crispy Prawn Fry, Fish 65, Fish Pepper & Salt, Nethili Fry, and gravy options for the main course. This restaurant is a heaven for the fish lovers. 

Chinese Dry And Gravy

Being in India, people fall in love with Indi-Chinese more than just Chinese food. India’s glorious experiments with Chinese cuisine have made it people’s favourite. You will find the best culinary flavours online at SS Hyderabad biryani in Coimbatore with some of the finest delicacies to spend your evening with. Chicken Manchurian, Chilli Chicken, Chilli Fish, Chilli Prawn, Fish Manchurian, Schezwan Chicken, Chilli Mutton, and more such tangy, saucy, and spicy dishes are here to invest your heart in. The unparalleled quantity and quality make it a must-have. 

Arabian Cuisine

What if you get to relish unmatchable Arabian cuisine when you are not even in The Arabian country? This is possible when you order from the Arabian food menu of SS Hyderabad. Here, you will get a list of Arabian menu with delicacies like Grill Chicken, Pepper Grill Chicken, Plate Shawarma, Shawarma Roll, Spicy Shawarma Roll, etc. For all the shawarma lovers out there, Arabian cuisine is the best of both worlds. 

Egg Special 

For non-vegetarians and vegetarians, there is a whole world of eggs waiting to be explored at SS Hyderabad Biryani in Coimbatore. Here, you will get an exciting menu of egg delicacies to savour as starters and main courses. Egg Masala and egg Chilli are among the most popular delicacies you will get to enjoy here. And along grab some breads and a coke for a lit night pajama party. 

Fried Rice

Rice is the all-time favourite of many. Whether you are craving light food or just want to shake your tantalizing taste buds, having a bowl of fried rice is always a good idea. Considering this, you must order from a range full of fried rice like Mushroom Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Paneer Fried Rice, Mixed Fried Rice, Prawn Fried Rice, and Mutton Fried Rice, which are among some of the rice varieties to enjoy to the fullest. 

Indian Breads

You need Indian bread when you are planning for the main course. However, you can handpick your kind of bread with the wide options available. At SS Hyderabad Biryani in Coimbatore, you will find ample varieties like Butter Naan, Tandoori Parotta, Tandoori Roti, Naan, Kulcha, Butter Kulcha, and more. There is something for every other kind of main course. Order your favourite menu right online. 

Veg Section

The vegetarian section of this Hyderabadi restaurant is another gastronomic ride toward flavours and spices. Delicacies like Mushroom 65, Mushroom Manchurian, Gobi 65, Paneer Butter Masala, etc., are some examples. Enjoy a treat full of spices with the vegetarian world available here. 

These are all the lip-smacking, aromatic, traditional, and modern dishes that you can find online at SS Hyderabad Biryani in Coimbatore. The best part is how this restaurant not only invites you to the doorstep but also gives door-to-door delivery from Swiggy. Visit online at Swiggy and find a big fat menu of this restaurant with all the options available. Swiggy gives you the ease of ordering online and getting your food delivered in the nearest hour. To order yours, head straight to the online food ordering app.