Inside Adam Cole’s relationship with his girlfriend Britt Baker

Adam Cole

Adam Cole (real name Austin Kirk Jenkins) is a pro wrestler for All Elite Wrestling, which he joined after unexpectedly leaving the WWE. Fans of the WWE wanted him to stay, but Cole chose to pursue a fresh challenge. Cole built his reputation on WWE’s NXT brand as part of a core of wrestlers that made NXT a legitimate force. 

AEW’s acquisition of Cole demonstrated that it means business in its tussle against WWE. Cole has settled well in AEW, becoming one of its biggest stars in a few months. Part of his storyline at AEW involves his girlfriend, Britt Baker. 

Britt Baker was initially hesitant to go on a date with Adam

Adam Cole's wife

Adam Cole and Britt Baker were friends on Facebook before they matched on Bumble. Cole’s photo on Bumble didn’t match his wrestling pics, so Britt cheekily messaged Adam, asking whether he was the man in the picture. 

“It just didn’t look like him because he had his hair back and normal clothes on and anytime I’ve ever seen him in a wrestling ring he’s like soaking wet,” Baker told Chris Van Vliet. “And it said his name was Austin, so for me, I’m like, this guy looks familiar but I don’t know Austin and then it finally clicked.”

Baker’s inquiry sparked conversations between the pair. However, they couldn’t agree on a time to meet because of their busy schedules and Baker’s reservations about dating a wrestler. 

“I reached out because I thought she was beautiful and I kept asking her for going on a date and she was very hesitant about it because she didn’t want to date a wrestler and I kept pressing the issue,” Adam said on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette

Cole’s commitment convinced Baker to accept his advances. Wrestlers have tight schedules that involve many hours traveling; therefore, if someone on a wrestling tour finds the time to maintain contact with you, they must be very committed. 

Adam texted Cole consistently while fighting in Japan at the Wrestle Kingdom. His dedication earned him a date with Baker. Britt said:

“It took us a while to go on a date, I was kind of hesitant because he’s not the most likable character on TV and is kind of evil, but it was after New Japan, when he got home from New Japan, we went on a date, and it was ever since then, and now I live in Orlando with him.”

Baker and Cole celebrated their 4th anniversary in March 2021. “4 years ago was when our journey together started,” Cole captioned Twitter photos of the couple. “Thank you for loving me with your whole heart. I cherish you.”

Adam enjoys working close to Britt Baker at AEW

When Adam joined AEW in September 2021, he wasn’t certain that Britt would be there to welcome him as WWE had shown interest in signing the star. 

Nevertheless, the pair fantasized about working in the same franchise. “It was an interesting back and forth of ‘it’d be cool if you came here’ or ‘it’d be cool if I came there,’ but we were both under contract,” Cole told Renee Paquette

Being in different rosters limited the times the couple saw each other. Cole said that the couple would often see each other for half a day weekly. They kept in contact via phone calls, but now, they get to see each other frequently backstage. 

They reach out to each other for advice and support one another from backstage, and at times in the ring. Adam said:

“When she does really well and everyone is reacting to it backstage and all excited. I get to be right there to give her a big hug or tell her how great she did. You don’t realize how important it is to be in the same company with your partner until you get the chance to do it. Now the idea of going back to the other way makes me very sad.”

Cole has picked up a few wrestling tricks from Baker

Britt Baker and Adam Cole

Adam Cole is way more experienced than Baker, but he has learned some valuable tricks from her. Cole told Bleacher Report that Baker inspired him to put more thought into his fashion choices in the ring. 

Cole told the publication that he would wear trunks and a t-shirt to the ring, but Britt inspired him to think differently. “After watching her and seeing how much of a super that she looked like, I’m like ‘OK, I think I’m gonna start changing up my appearance a bit more,’” Cole said. 

“So watching her kind of develop that habit of getting new stuff all the time is something I’m going to start to implement,” Cole added. “And that would not have been in my brain if it wasn’t for Britt.”

Britt gave up dentistry several years ago to become a pro wrestler. She hasn’t wrestled for long but has already established herself as one of AEW’s prized assets. Cole described watching his girlfriend develop rapidly as ‘really cool.’ He continued:

“You know, when I wasn’t working for AEW, watching her kind of find herself as a character was really exciting. And watching her develop her promo style and get even better in the ring has been a really fun process to watch.”